Tier 5 Unemployed No Tier 5

First Published 11-19-20

HR 6419, the emergency extension bill that would have extended benefits for the long term unemployed, failed yesterday.  It seems that a Tier 5 for the 99ers is something that is just not going to be.  Since the unemployment act was signed into law in 1935, never in the 75 years since, has unemployment been denied to American workers when the unemployment rate was above 8%.

Not since the Great Depression have so many people been put out of work as were by this financial crisis.  It is rumored that upon voting the bill down, Republicans sprinted down the hall to get back to their meetings to push for extending the tax cuts for the top 2%; the same rich businessmen who caused the financial collapse and outsourced our jobs.

I can’t say that I’m really surprised.  When a snake acts like a snake it is just its nature.  Ed Schultz, of MSNBCs The Ed Show, reported the incomes of the four Republicans that led the opposition to the bill.  They are as follows:  John Boehner – $3.6 million, Eric Cantor – $4.9 million, Mitch McConnell – $19.9 million, and Darrell Issa – $303 million.  Every one of these scum bags has made his fortune by being a prostitute to the power brokers of the international corporate mafia.  They say they are following the will of the people.  Schultz further reported that 73% of voters say it is too early to cut back benefits for the unemployed.

I and everyone I know voted against incumbents, in the election, as did many people I know in the Tea Party, not for Republicans.  In fact my second criterion was to vote against the Republicans and their proposed return to the Bush era.  I would say that Boehner is acting out of arrogance when he says he has a referendum from the voters to support his policies.  But I know this is not the case.

Though it has been sparsely reported, it is a fact that the unemployed effected this last election more than any other group in the nation.

The people I know in the Tea Party did not like any of the Republicans except for a couple.  The Republicans were voted in as nothing more than a consequence of voting the incumbents out, and for John Boehner to stand up and act like the right arm of the people is an affront to our intelligence.  I would suggest that every one write him an email and let him know, except it would do no good as he does not care.

I do not like Ed Schultz, but he hit the nail right on the head when he said that as the Supreme Court in ruling that special interests could use unlimited funds to bribe the candidates, the only ones the candidates need to please are the special interests.

If you want to look at the American people over all, 60% support further unemployment extensions versus 37% who are opposed.  I guess they are just the wrong 60%.

It was suggested in more than one venue yesterday that the unemployment extension might be attached to the legislation for the tax cut extensions for the top 2%.  But then the Democrats said they would oppose any such legislation.

This is a classic example of the left-right paradigm.  No matter what happens the Republicrats will blame the Demopublicans and the Demopublicans will blame the Republicrats.  And we will get the same nothing they have been giving us for the past ten years.  So get ready for a long cold winter filled with civil unrest and revolution of one degree or another because the decision has been made.  No Tier 5.

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