Judaic Behavior/Themes in “Star Trek Enterprise”

The Ugly Truth – by WheresOurBlessing

“Enterprise” was the sixth, and to date latest, “Star Trek” television series released for commercial broadcast and public consumption. Though the show was originally planned to run for seven seasons, it was prematurely cancelled due to poor ratings, and only four seasons were actually produced. It originally aired from 2001-2005, but afterwards shown only in limited syndicated reruns, and sold on DVD. Full episodes have since been made available for free streaming at www.startrek.com.  

For various reasons, not the least of which was the excessive amount of ridiculous commercials that contaminated its initial run – an annoyance which made watching the show a generally unpalatable experience, and the storyline somewhat difficult to follow – I saw probably less than two dozen or so of the episodes during the original life of the series.

Recently, however, I was able to watch a borrowed copy of the entire series without any commercial interruption, and was actually surprised to find a very prominent, recurring thread woven through the tapestry of the plotlines which contained many obvious examples of what I think can only described as “jew-like behavior”.

In the following short episode synopses, I describe this behavior as it is presented in the show. Although the fictional characters/races may sometimes change roles in this regard over the course of the series – e.g. the “Vulcans” are not always the ones who behave like “jews” – this behavior should be evident in its many forms to anyone who is intimately familiar with the historical behavior of jews:


Season 01: Episodes 01 & 02 – “Broken Bow” – The Suliban (jews) have been staging attacks within the Klingon empire (The Middle East), making it appear that one faction is attacking another (False flags – War by deception) in order to destablize the regime so the Suliban can persue their own agenda.

Season 01: Episode 07 – “The Andorian Incident” – The Vulcan High Command (cryptic Talmudic jews) use a “temple” of their “religion” as a cover to engage in secret espionage against their opponents, the Andorians, in an ongoing, centuries old territorial dispute. Their opponents are presented by the Vulcans, and seen by the Enterprise crew (America/the West?), as agressive terrorists until the truth is revealed, and the Vulcan deception is found out. This incident leads to a rebuke of the Vulcans, as well as an eventual understanding and alliance between Earth and Andoria.

Season 01: Episode 15 – “Shadows of P’Jem” – A continuation of the storyline from Episode 07, wherein it is revealed that the Andorians have destroyed the Vulcan temple and its hidden military facility. The Vulcans claim to be the victims, lay the blame for the attack on the Enterprise crew, and threaten to dissolve their “friendly” relations with Earth because of it. Also, while accepting an invitation to visit a planet unrelated to that particular conflict, the Captain of the Enterprise and his Vulcan science officer are captured by a group of poverty stricken “terrorists” who are opposed to the wealthy planetary regime, which is kept in power by the Vulcans. When the Enterprise crew inquire of the whereabouts of their missing personnel, the Chancellor’s representative interestingly exhibits some jew-like behavior of her own when explaining away the situation, sounding strangely similiar to an Israeli spokeswoman defending collateral damage in the following clip:

“Great rebuttal by CNN anchor against a Israel Spokeswomen”

Season 01: Episode 19 – “Aquisition” – A group of Ferengi (commonly known by many Trekkies as “Space jews”) use a devious device (TV anyone?) to put the entire crew of the Enterprise into a deep sleep so the Ferengi are able to invade the ship (the West?) and try to steal everything of value they can lay their hands on, including the most physically attractive female members of the crew. (Exodus 35:12-36?) However, their plot is foiled only because one of the officers had been insulated from the effects of the device, and is therefore able to wake another, who then work together with their captive Captain to use the Ferengi’s own limitless greed as an effective weapon against them.

Season 01: Episode 23 – “Fallen Hero” – The criminal Mazarites are members of an organization (Crypto-jews/Mossad) that infiltrated all levels of government, making themselves wealthy and powerful (Nation-wrecking), at the expense of many innocent victims (Non-jews). Their methods include eliminating anyone who stands in their way. Many Mazarites (Non-jews) want their government purged of this corruption, and asked the Vulcan consulate to help them expose the criminals, who attempt to murder a Vulcan ambassador that has been gathering evidence against them.

Season 03: Episode 12 – “Chosen Realm” – A group of megalomaniacal religious zealots (Talmudic jews) claim that they are “chosen” by their imagined gods, the “sphere builders”, and that all “non-believers” (Non-jews) are their enemies, and worthy of death. Initially posing as innocent victims, they commandeer the Enterprise, holding it hostage by threatening to blow up the entire ship and crew along with themselves by the use of collaterally destructive suicide (Their very own version of the jewish “Sampson Option”) unless the captain and crew (US President, Congress, & People) agree to use the power and resources of the Enterprise (America’s military might) to eliminate the “non-chosen” beings they have declared war with on their home world (the Middle East) as a means to promote their exclusive idea of “peace” on their planet.

Season 03: Episode 18 – “Azati Prime”; Episode 19 – “Damage”; Episode 20 – “The Forgotten”; Episode 22 – “The Council”; Episode 23 – “Countdown”; Episode 24 – “Zero Hour” – In these final episodes of a long story arc that comprises the bulk of the third season, it is revealed that the “Sphere Builders” (jews) have emloyed gross deception and subterfuge to manipulate the Earthlings and Xindi (Christians and Muslims) into waging war with each other for the sole benefit of the Sphere Builders’ (jews) hidden agenda to tailor the universe (world) to their own exclusive use and domain, which will prove fatal to all other species.

Season 04: Episode 01 – “Storm Front (Part 1)”; Episode 02 – “Storm Front (Part 2)” – Vosk and his people (Talmudic jews), ironically dressed in Nazi garb, are said to be of the firm belief that other species exist only to serve their needs.

(Echoing this sentiment: http://www.jpost.com/JewishWorld/JewishNews/Article.aspx?id=191782)

Season 04: Episode 07 – “The Forge”; Episode 08 – “Awakening”; Episode 09 – “Kir’Shara” – High-office Crypto-Romulans (Crypto-jews) who, in the guise of Vulcans, have infiltrated the Vulcan High Command, commit a false flag attack upon Earth’s embassy on the Vulcan home world in an attempt to demonize, and subsequently eradicate, the followers of true Vulcan ideology (Christians/Muslims) some 1800 years after the author of which had died, yet still lives on in spirit.  Interesting note that a “desert storm” plays a part in revealing the truth.

Season 04: Episode 12 – “Babel One”; Episode 13 – “United”; Episode 14 – “The Aenar” – The Andorians and Tellarites are the subjects of false flag attacks by a pair of remote-controlled, chameleon drones sent by the Romulans (jews), in order to destablize relations between the other two worlds (Christianity/Islam) along with the population of Earth (America) in an effort to prevent any possible alliance between them.

Although I have attempted here to provide a comprehensive list of the jew-like behavior I have noted in this series, there may indeed exist a few other examples that I have inadvertently missed.

Of course, there are also examples of Christian (Read: REAL Christian), Muslim, Zen Buddhist, and other types of behavior in this show, but they are obviously not the subject of this article, and perhaps more importantly, are relatively benign.

A question arose in my mind when I considered this subject. On reflection, it made me wonder why the jews who control Hollywood would want to weave their stories around such behaviors for all the world to see. The only answer I have come up with so far is that by using a wide range of other entities besides jews to engage in jew-like behavior, perhaps they believe it makes it appear somewhat “normal” to the average viewer. Perhaps they do this in the hope that such behavior is perceived as less “jewish” than it actually is, thereby shielding jews themselves from being identified as the ultimate source, and this is just one more of many other obvious examples.


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  1. “On reflection, it made me wonder why the jews who control Hollywood would want to weave their stories around such behaviors for all the world to see.”

    No, no, no…You got it all wrong. “Hollywood is controlled by Arabs”, so saith lord Alex Jones. lol

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