Judge Nap: Wife of Orlando Terrorist Could Face the Death Penalty

Fox News

The wife of the Orlando nightclub attacker knew of his deadly plans, but did nothing to stop him, Fox News confirmed.

Noor Salman, a 30-year-old of Palestinian heritage, was interviewed and given a polygraph test by the FBI in the days since her husband, Omar Mateen, murdered 49 people at the Pulse nightclub.   

Noor Salman with husband, Omar Mateen, and their son.

FoxNews.com reported:

Salman said Mateen shared his plans with her to carry out an attack and Mateen may have even called her from the gay club Pulse during the slaughter, the source said. Salman also confirmed details of Mateen’s gun purchases prior to the assault.

A separate source told Fox News that Salman was cooperating with investigators and had shared information about her husband’s violent aspirations.

A source told Fox News that the woman is likely to be arrested.

Salman is Mateen’s second wife and the couple has a three-year-old son. Mateen’s ex-wife said in interviews with the media that he was violent and mentally unstable.

Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted this afternoon, saying that Salman should “absolutely” be arrested.

He added that we do not know whether a lawyer was present with Salman or whether she may have cut some sort of deal with the government in exchange for information.

The judge said Salman could face the death penalty if authorities can prove she participated in her husband’s plot to commit the massacre.

“A conspiracy is an agreement among two or more people to perform a criminal act. When one of the two performs the act, the other is just as liable. So depending upon what she told them she did and whether it is independently verifiable, she could be exposed to the death penalty,” said Napolitano.

Mateen’s father has said his son once became upset at the sight of two gay men kissing in Miami. But it has now emerged that Mateen was a regular patron of the gay nightclub where he perpetrated the massacre and tried to pick up men on a gay dating app.


9 thoughts on “Judge Nap: Wife of Orlando Terrorist Could Face the Death Penalty

  1. Then certainly these accusations should apply to Hillary!

    Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Really? Does the fact that she is of Palestininen heritage have anything thing to do with this? Every person has free will. Even if this story is to be believed, she cannot stop another from committing any act. She could face the death penalty? For what? Being married to the man? No, for knowing that he is more than likely a scapegoat, a patsy. This whole thing reaks of a guv op. They just have this insatiable need to get rid of anyone who can talk.

  3. “A conspiracy is an agreement among two or more people to perform a criminal act.”

    Yeah, you would know all about that wouldn’t you, Judge?
    My question would be is this actually for real and Salman is in trouble, or is she just playing her role and getting paid to do so? Nappy probably doesn’t know, and if he did he sure as hell wouldn’t say.
    GFY Judge.

  4. “Mateen’s father has said his son once became upset at the sight of two gay men kissing in Miami”

    Since the man was a sodomite, the only reason I can think of for his “anger” at the 2 sodomites kissing was that one of them was his boy-toy, and he was jealous.

      1. what i see here is, a Muslim family is against the gay agenda and way of life , so he lived a hidden lifestyle that was a shame to him and his family , he falsely married a woman to hide the truth he was gay ( it wouldnt last long) .. sees other gay men being able to act out in public and he was jealous because he couldnt do that along with his own self hate .. the jealousy, and possibly seeing a gay partner he was intimate with kissing or other things with another male set him off.. he wanted revenge for the fact his own family up bringing would shame him for his choices , and that another person had betrayed him along with his deep seated anger for the fact he could not act all gay in public .. so he went on a rampage for vengeance and to end his miserable life
        all the while becoming infamous , that is to pay back his parents and culture for their lack of understanding of his fag nature .. typ selfish fag

  5. If I were this woman, I would start screaming ACCEPT UPON PROOF OF CLAIM.

    Got video of anyone being shot? GOT CORPSES???

    All she has to do is call their bluff.

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