Just Another Day in Chemtrail Paradise

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Hey all, this is what I saw this evening outside my apartment. They were chemtrailing the hell out of us in North Dallas, TX. Four planes were zig-zagging across the sky playing tic-tac-toe with one another. It’s disgusting. Makes you wonder if Agent Orange is already in those things. The bastards just never give up.

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23 thoughts on “Just Another Day in Chemtrail Paradise

  1. Every time I see one of those bastards spraying the skies overhead, I pray for a bird strike, engine failure, or a missile from sub hiding near the coast to shoot those motherf***ers right out of the sky! I don’t know what makes me angrier, the idiots that give the orders for poisoning the atmosphere or the sheeple that say “That’s just contrails, you’re crazy!”

    1. Do ya think that a lazer pointer in the pilots eyes would reatch up that far because I do know that people use those lazer pointers to blind a pilot. It does work from what I have seen on the news. Just sayin`, not trying to start something to get someone in trouble ya know, again, I`m just sayin` 😎 😉

      1. Yep! Angel is exactly right! There have been several cases, and in many, they track down the exact location.

        I just love how the article on Wikipedia tries to reassure everyone that “chemtrails” are a hoax despite all the evidence out there to the contrary.

  2. They painted the sky white here today in S.W. Michigan. Whenever I see those bastards I act like I have a shoulder fire missle launcher. I whistle as the rocket makes it way until boom! People need to realize that they only spray certain days. Other days they don’t and you notice a difference between the chemtrails and contrails. Or I’ve seen a chemtrail next to a contrail and I laugh to myself as one disappears while they other hangs and spreads out.

    1. Hahaha! A rocket launcher? And I thought pointing my finger in the air like a pistol gun was bad enough. I’ll have to try that one sometime.

  3. Damn NC, you were sprayed like a bug!

    They were semi kind to us here in the North East, we only witnessed very light spraying. Perhaps they had mercy on us because of all the snow and bitter cold. Nah!

    I’ve had a lingering cold that doesn’t seem to want to go away since late fall, I would bet donuts to dollars that the spraying is the reason why.

      1. Oh yeah, that gosh darn global warming! That was just a psyop to get us to pay carbon credits. oops!

        It’s going to be in the 50’s and raining tomorrow, then resume back to the bitter cold.

        I guarantee they are spraying right now under the cover of darkness to bring in the warm temps tomorrow.

        1. Well have to say, its been in the 70’s/80’s here in LA LA land…no sparying tonite, sure it will be back in the morning…Geoenginerring!!! They think their so smart but will end up screwing everybody and everything, even themselfs…Go figure…

    1. Not exactly true. Word has it that it “COULD” be melting down but no definite word that it “IS” melting down. However, taking precaution as if it “IS” melting down is probably highly recommended at this point. Good luck, Mel.

      But of course this is all I heard on it and it is coming from Susanne Posel. So whether or not it is true, I would still take the necessary precautions.

      TEPCO Quietly Admits Reactor 3 Could Be Melting Down NOW


      Also check out these Fukushima updates:





  4. received a picture text from a friend who received it from a missionary in japan. i don’t want to believe it but i also know the reactor had been emitting steam for awhile and it was said to be one of two reasons. one being meltdown. six reactors we were told were affected. two melted down and possibly now three. three more to go. how do we even know their telling us the truth about that. there are more than six reactors. also take into account the governments recent purchase. if it hasn’t which i’m leaning towards it has/is its going to.

  5. ENENEWS: chemistry expert-steam at unit 3 could be from corium burning through containment into underlying groundwater

    i also remember someone stating “when corium meets underwater volcano”

    perhaps the picture text sent was of an explosion that had already occurred back in 2011. rumor has it there were 4

    now i don’t know what radioactive steam looks like but what i saw was not white in color

    waiting for confirmation if pic was sent on 1/3 or this actually happened on 1/3

  6. NC
    in regards to object caught on my sisters camera phone an “official” blamed it on the phone and lighting. when it was disclosed that 6 people took pics of the same object different days and time but from same general area he declined to comment any further.

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