3 thoughts on “Just Got Back From Sutherland Springs, My Impression & Experience

  1. Suggested reading, the Luby’s massacre. I lived about 15 miles from Killeen at the Time. The shooter was from the town I stayed. I’ve personally seen the crime scene recording after the triage. I can still remember his truck and the music left playing in the restaurant. Some of the first responders were the instructors of a local police academy. Research Luby’s and how it was handled. Compare to any abnormalities in the news that don’t seem correct.

  2. The “ET” posters as well as the Baphomet poster behind him are weird enough, but then I noticed his hat with the “wings” on it. (Plus he says, “nanu nanu”)… Is his hat army or air force? Notice the “A” on it (or is it a star, hard to tell)… It almost looks like the symbol of a UFO-ET alien cult called the “Ashtar Command”… my friend many years ago joined this group and she had a friend in it who went bonkers, as if she was possessed.

    1. What in the actual holy F is that “ashtar command” shite?! Holy shitballs and JC almighty. I went to their site…and I’ve never felt more normal! 🙂 I saw baphomet too. That’s an airforce gang logo

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