10 thoughts on “Just imagine, if you will

  1. problem is, we ARE this well armed, and Not a F-ken thing is being done yet to this day ..so to answer Doc Holiday’s question

    we wont be doing jack shit either armed to the teeth, or not

    or so it would seem … am i wrong?

    1. Well, at least I’m not wearing a burka yet. Never will.

      I see your observation of things as they are and have been, but I have to believe as things escalate, each will do what’s necessary. And we don’t want to piss the captain off.


    2. My thoughts exactly. If people are going to lock up their doors in fear of a guy running around naked on the street, then do we really think they’re going to do something when shit REALLY starts happening? I hope I’m wrong.

      1. So far, it’s been nothing but bluster from the pukes, galen.

        They can pass all the illegal gun laws they like (which any THINKING person will totally IGNORE), but the rubber WILL meet the road once they attempt to actually ENFORCE anything aimed at arbitrarily taking a large portion of Americans’ guns.

        They’ve obviously been far too cowardly to try, so far.

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