Just who are these Job Creators who are so Insecure?

As predicted the propagandists are sparing no effort in rearranging reality to portray the corporate elite as the victims in our latest economic downturn, blaming the condition on the prospect of an end to the tax giveaways for the filthy rich.  The elite want to blame the middle class and poor for instigating a class war, saying we want to tax them to pay us for sitting on our asses.

This distortion of reality has completely played itself out.  How many years do they think they can keep throwing out the same old buzz words and slogans as they continue to acquire record profits at our expense?

Here it comes again.  The filthy rich are insecure and thus can create no new jobs because their future is uncertain in that they might be forced to pay higher taxes.

In the first place the elites’ self proclaimed status as the job creators is a crock of doo-doo.  The only place they are creating jobs is in other countries as they continue to move what little industry we have left out of the US.  Take this job creator status away from them and what do you have left?  A group of elitists saying they are insecure while 100 million other Americans don’t know where their next meal is going to come from.

So what makes this select group so goddamn special that everyone else must suffer so they can feel secure?

Then the propagandists try to portray the elite as the drivers of consumer spending, of course because they have all the damn money…again, horse doo-doo.  When it comes down to brass tacks, consumer spending is in reality housing, energy, and food and in these areas the elite represent only a minute fraction of the total participation.

The propagandists are trying to tell us that we need to extend the tax cuts for the rich to expand consumer spending.  Spending on what?  The rich are all incorporated and so their housing, vehicles, and energy are all written off their taxes as business expenses.  So what are we talking here, food?  Are the rich going to eat more if the tax breaks are extended?  Can they increase their consumption of food enough to affect the economy in any way?

The rich are trying to associate themselves with small business, the middle class, and even the working poor, saying, “We cannot stand to have any further increases in taxes”, while at the same time they are working through their agents in our government to raise taxes on small businesses and the middle class and institute new taxes on those living under the poverty level.

You see it doesn’t matter if we feel secure because well, we are not rich and, in having our wealth stolen from us, cannot put up a false front in claiming we are the job creators.

In the other spectrum of the false left-right paradigm, you have propagandists trying to convince us that 250,000 jobs per month have been created for the last three years.  Do they think we are deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid?  They report these lies two days after it is confirmed as fact that net, we have lost millions of jobs in the last three years.  What do they think, that if they put out a lie completely opposite of the truth that at least some will believe it?

As for the taxation, I personally do not want the rich taxed anymore, as all these revenues ultimately end up right back in the pockets of the rich.  I want these elitist bastards arrested and the wealth they have stolen from our people returned to our people.  Then I want the traitors in our government that have facilitated the theft, punished to the fullest extent of our law.

Like I said earlier, how long are we going to listen to the same old rhetoric as we are being destroyed by the status quo?  Enough is enough.  These propagandists must be confronted, one way or the other.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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