Kansas universities may scrap algebra requirement because too many students fail it

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Kansas universities may scrap their algebra graduation requirement because too many students fail the course, NPR Kansas reported.

“About one in three Kansas students fails college algebra the first time around. Some take it several times before they pass. Others get so frustrated that they drop out altogether. And that cuts into university graduation rates,” the news outlet reported Dec. 12.

With that, the Kansas Board of Regents is considering alternative requirements such as statistics and quantitative reasoning under what’s called a Math Pathways program, it added.

“We’re sending the majority of students down the college algebra road, which is really not necessary,” said Daniel Archer, vice president of academic affairs for the Kansas Board of Regents. “It’s not practical. It’s not really needed. And it’s not relevant for their fields.”

The pathways program aims to accelerate “students’ path through developmental math and enables them to take different paths through the math curriculum depending on their course of study,” the Daily Caller reported.

According to NPR Kansas, Regent Wint Winter said investigating the new pathway program is critical because enrollment continues to decline.

“It’s incumbent on us to be aware of all the roadblocks that are out there for students … reasons why they’re leaving, reasons why they’re not graduating,” Winter said. “So I would urge us all to … find ways to find the bandwidth to keep this moving along.”

Kansas universities may scrap algebra requirement because too many students fail it

6 thoughts on “Kansas universities may scrap algebra requirement because too many students fail it

  1. We know the schools are sick and slick institutions, promoting communism and perversion, but this really lowers the bar. It is as if to say, “Let’s just let other countries excel and leave the u.S. to continue sinking. UBI’s ever looming as pacifier for the stupid. I can’t wait ’till we win and not only regain our freedom but also our standard of excellence. I was only an average student in school, according to their standards but once on an algebra exam when I got an answer right my teacher said to me “You got there but I don’t know how you got there.” I think it was that I always thought math was fun and so exact. ‘Till this day I am amazed when I balance my check book. If X equals Z, X better prove it. 🙂


  2. Wow….if you can’t at least pass algebra at least in high school then you have problems. I’m no expert in Algebra but I understood it enough to pass without much hassle. Still not sure what algebra is used for. Maybe to fill in the variables of life. I don’t know.

    However, I do have to say that I had no idea what my university math teacher was teaching but it surely wasn’t the math that I grew up learning, so in college there are professors out there that can’t teach or in my case, he taught one way and the book taught a complete different way. So if you had any problems finding the answers you were pretty much screwed. Granted it was a Pre-Calculus class, so you can make of it what you want. Lol

    Anyways just my thoughts.

    Overall, dropping algebra in general as a requirement is completely idiotic. It’s really not that hard to pass it.

    The dumbing down of America continues……

  3. Because they dont teach they indoctrinate . They want people dumb and perverted . Look at what they are teaching now trans and homo crap to these kids instead teaching math ,reading etc. They are perverting and hyper sexualizing the youth while dumbing them down. How can you learn if you are not taught no fault of the youth . If we clean this country out the problem will not have happen.

  4. Why do college students (many of whom are indoctrinated with woke BS) fail college algebra? Simple–if you can’t do the truth, you can’t do the math!–from a former HS math teacher, from FOM to calculus. Oh, and maybe “common crap” had something to do with it? Gee, thanks, OBummer!

    Because math is truth. Period, end of story!

  5. Ok, so I have some insight here. Talking to my 9 yo’s teacher, (especially after doing the sports physicals for the middle schools and high school in norristown). I now know what I didn’t know before: which is: [at least in PA]: a child cannot be held back unless it’s kindergarten, a teacher is not allowed to give a grade lower than 70!!!
    Wtf?! So, no matter how ignorant little Timmy is, he gets to advance?!

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