18 thoughts on “Karen Mallard for Congress commits an illegal SBR felony

  1. Actually she didn’t…..you would have either put a new barrel in the upper or replace the whole barreled upper……cause cutting off the gas block she made it a single shot at best…..I wouldn’t want to shoot it though.

    1. The upper is not the firearm it is the lower that makes the firearm.
      Since the lower has a rifle stock and not a pistol buffer tube being single shot or not makes it an sbr.
      If that upper was placed on another rifle lower it would then be an sbr as well. In fact just having the upper with other rifles in the home could be potentially charged with constructive possession but this is used by da’s to support the case for charging someone with an unregistered SBR.
      Do I believe there should be restrictions on this? No but the law is the law right? We are all supposedly subject to it or is it another “JUST US” system narrative possibly getting other people to do this same thing so the “JUST US” system can bag them?

      I am with you though not wanting to shoot that ever unless its setup at the range in a vice with a very long string.

  2. I wonder if one of the main requirements to run for office is proving your brain is severely underdeveloped.


    1. I’ve often thought that old saying might one day be altered to,


      There is some enjoyment in tampering with the norm.



  3. So her husband is just as traitorous and COWARDLY as his wife.

    He was probably locked in a closet while his woman who wears the pants was out sawing his ArmaLite Rifle up.

    Goofy female.

  4. OMG this asshat told the media she knew exactly what she was doing and she would not be intimidated. 1…no you didn’t know or you would not have commited a crime making your point and only cutting the upper. 2…you are running for office and say you will not be intimidated? um let’s see last I checked a representative’s disregard for ANYONE BUT HIS/HER OWN OPINION is a communist state of affairs. but you are above the law right? If I do it honey guess what happens. F*cking glad you WILL NEVER represent me!!! Welcome to America, read a book about it before you try to rule it with your iron bad attitude fist and s*it all over the laws in place you seem to think DO NOT apply to you. THUS as a law abiding citizen…I AM NOT INTIMIDATED BY YOU COMMUNIST!!!!

  5. When they talk about “comprehensive gun reform” what they mean and want is comprehensive gun CONFISCATION. Which is the end goal; a public that is disarmed and subjugated to the power of the state, which still retain ALL of their guns.

    There was a movie, based on actual events, where only the police and military were allowed to have guns. It was called “Schindler’s List”.

  6. the gun she cut up was probably a POS
    more then likely not maintained correctly , and abused..probably didnt function anymore or was not reliable

    when i see people do stupid shit like this , It makes me wonder if its just done for mis-direction of the fact that they are only ruining one inferior weapon in their collection of many you dont see , or know about

  7. Karen Mallard…responded.

    It’s pretty obvious I’m being targeted.

    Just because its.

    Duck Season.

    Not wabbit season.

  8. When something bad happens people like her are the first ones who run to someone home that own guns for help then runs there mouth later just how bad guns are . If I remember right that happen years ago in California

  9. I’m amazed that Karen Mallard doesn’t have enough intelligence to at least know gun laws being a gun owner. This is the kind of stupidity that leads to killings. Thanks Karen Mallard this should really fair well for you at the polls.

  10. Where DO they find these brain-dead bimbos?

    Retarded doesn’t even come close to describing this one.

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