Kenneth Chaffin, Dillon King Dead Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshots In Maypearl, Texas, Home Invasion

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MAYPEARL, Texas — A Texas sheriff said Thursday that he does not expect any charges will be filed against a man who opened fire on two heavily armed Oklahoma teenagers during an attempted home invasion on his ranch.

Kenneth Chaffin, 17, and Dillian King, 18 – both of Bethel Acres, Okla. – died Wednesday afternoon in Maypearl, Texas, authorities said. Their bodies have been sent for autopsies.

Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown said that officials think both teens died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds, but said that the homeowner fired two deer rifles and struck one of the teens.

“I’m thoroughly convinced that had they not had a way to defend themselves, it would have turned out a different direction,” Brown said.

Early Wednesday, Oklahoma sheriff’s officials issued an alert for national law enforcement to be on the lookout for Chaffin, who they said ran away Monday from his home, which is about 35 miles southeast of Oklahoma City. The alert said he had stolen his parents’ red 1991 Ford Ranger pickup truck, a stash of prescription medication, 17 guns and 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Pottawatomie County, Okla., Undersheriff J.T. Palmer said Thursday that Chaffin had a history of running away.

“We were taking a calculated risk of violating state law in putting (Chaffin’s) name out,” Palmer said. “We had to get mom and dad’s written permission to even release his picture yesterday and we did that in a time frame as quick as we thought we could.

“You don’t want to jump too quick. He’s a runaway and he has a history of running away before.”

On Wednesday afternoon, a homeowner in Maypearl – 35 miles south of Dallas and some 240 miles south of Bethel Acres – noticed someone was trying to open her back door. She looked out the window and saw an armed man in a camouflage vest. Brown said that the woman called her husband, who was elsewhere but returned home shortly thereafter.

As the two suspects fled toward a field, they fired at the home, which is located in the middle of a fenced-off ranch with donkeys grazing outside.

“The house is full of holes,” Brown said.

The husband returned fire and the woman called 911. Sheriff’s deputies found one suspect dead in the field and the other inside the stolen pickup truck. No one else was hurt.

Much of the roads leading up to the home are dirt or gravel. Brown said authorities do not know why the teens came to that house.

“Unfortunately, the answers to those questions died when they did, because we don’t have a clue why they were out there in that area,” Brown said. “It’s beyond me why they would be that far out other than they were looking to take something, or do harm.”

Palmer said Chaffin and King were identified through photographs and because King had distinctive tattoos on the webbing of his fingers.

The teens lived about a mile apart in Bethel Acres but authorities had no idea the two were together when Chaffin was reported missing, Palmer said, adding that King was not reported missing.

“We didn’t actually know there was a second one until we got the call from Ellis County, Texas, that two suspects were killed,” Palmer said.

Chaffin’s father, Roland Chaffin, told The Oklahoman that his son had never been in trouble with the law and had no family problems before he ran away.

“Kenneth was a follower, not a leader. That’s what we figure. He followed someone and got in over his head,” Roland Chaffin said. Phone calls to the teens’ families by The Associated Press were not answered.

Palmer said Wednesday that Kenneth Chaffin had taken nine handguns, six rifles and two shotguns from his parents’ home.

“My son’s not an angel. I’m not saying that he is,” Roland Chaffin told the newspaper. “But the Kenneth we know was not capable of this.”


Associated Press writers Justin Juozapavicius in Tulsa, Okla., Ken Miller in Oklahoma City, Jill Bleed in Little Rock, Ark., and Terry Wallace in Dallas contributed to this report.

7 thoughts on “Kenneth Chaffin, Dillon King Dead Of Apparent Self-Inflicted Gunshots In Maypearl, Texas, Home Invasion

  1. These kids are getting younger and younger. A lot of desperation out there. You have to take a hard look at the parents with this garbage. The schools suck, and home life must suck as well with a lot of these kids.

    Another (14 year old) boy (always the boys) blew his brains out in school yesterday or today I forget, with a Glock, somewhere in Michigan. MSM sure kept quite about it; compared to the other school shootings around the nation.

    1. You definitely cannot put the blame on anyone without really knowing the circumstances. If I had lived in the US as a teenager I would most likely be dead now. I had a wonderful loving middle class family but I was an outright bastard. I spent time in Juvenile institutions starting at the age of 11 (and it is really hard to get sentenced to an institution as a kid in Australia).

  2. They had to have a reason to be in Maypearl. It’s such a small out of the way country town between towns. The citizen’s of Maypearl drive into a bigger town to buy groceries. Why were they there? There is absolutely nothing in Maypearl, nothing. People try to escape from there, not make it a destination.

  3. “a stash of prescription medication”

    “But the Kenneth we know was not capable of this.”

    I’m not dismissing anything, shooting a gun at their house was enough alone to justify their being shot. No doubt.

    Just adding 2+2.

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