3 thoughts on “Kevin Annett: Common law sheriffs to arrest UK Monarch, Popes Ratzinger & Bergoglio, seize property

  1. The Common Law Sheriffs better pack a big lunch because these arrests won’t be a slam-dunk… if they are allowed to proceed at all. The UK Monarch, and Popes Ratzinger & Bergoglio might choose this as a good time to take an extended vacation — to undisclosed locations. They don’t have to be in London or Rome to rule their dominions.

    1. Pack a big lunch…and don’t forget the kind of Kevlar that stops armor-piercing bullets and IEDs! Surrounded by a rule-of-law-supporting military and plenty of camouflage…do they have invisibility pills?

      If these Common Law Sheriffs actually can arrest these psychos, then I will know that more of these folks can be dealt with without violent revolution. Then, if they can transport these folks to a secret location–or undetectable remote South Seas island surrounded by all kinds of security so they cannot escape and will be forced to eat each other–then I will take back everything I evert said about the illusion of the effectiveness of Common Law Courts.

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