Knock-on Effects Knock out Economy Like Dominoes

The Great Recession

The major knock-on effects of the COVID shutdown are now starting to stack against each other, pushing city centers into the dust. Here are some of the big moves that are as characteristic of the US as they are of the world overall.

The Offapocalypse explodes

Offices are closing all over town — all over almost every town. Remote work has seized the day along with continued levels of unemployment that are historically beyond anything the living have ever experienced (unless you’re as old as COVID Joe).

While the turning of offices into ghost towns is not a new knock-on effect, the resurgence of COVID-19 that is taking some states and some nations back into lockdown as Halloween approaches has cinched the end times for many office buildings that will now be converted into housing for the homeless in cities filled with smoke where you can love the smell of tear gas in the morning.

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One thought on “Knock-on Effects Knock out Economy Like Dominoes

  1. Nobody wants to talk about the theft, yes thats right, ill say again, the goddamed theft. You claw it back and problems start to resolve themselves.

    Are you listening you billionaire pieces of shit? Were comin for ya MTHRFKRS…

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