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Joint Roller (Medford)


The Pre-Roll / Twax Technician is responsible for filling, packaging and preparing for sale the Pre-Roll and Twax products. Specifically, individuals fill joints and other products in a form that will be the final product for sale to the customer. The packaging technician applies labels and other documentation to the product which ensure that it complies with regulatory requirements.   

Reports to: Crew Team Lead. Term: This is can be a full or part time position. Probation last 90 days from the date of hire. Continued employment is dependent on review. Employment is at will and may be terminated at any point. Educational / Qualification Requirements: No educational requirements. However, must be able to do simple math, use a computer and possess a valid Marijuana Handler Permit (OAR 845-025-5500) before being hired. Sitting, standing and carrying up to 50 lbs. This is a starting position. Starting Pay and Benefits: No benefits are offered with this position.

compensation: $12 an hour
employment type: full-time

8 thoughts on “Do you know anyone seeking employment?

    1. or if after the 90 days you get free samples ?

      wouldnt it be such a hypocritical thing if they did in fact have to pass a drug test?..

  1. Here’s how it works. As you’re stuffing cones repeatedly. Your mind will start developing methods and ways to fill the cones mechanically. A machine is invented and then the cone roller becomes a cone roller machine technician, salesman, or part supplier.

    $12 to start doing it by hand. Or $$$$ buying stock in a company that makes the machine.

    I’d call it the weedinator green injection system. Patent pending. Lol

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