Lafayette Police Department is facing eviction


LAFAYETTE (KRON)—A police department in the East Bay is looking for a new home.

It is getting the boot from a space it has leased for the past 25 years

The owner of the Desco Plaza says he will not renew the lease for the Lafayette Police Department because there is no room for all the police cruisers.  

It isn’t easy sharing a building with neighbors.

In Lafayette, Desco Plaza owner Curt Blomstrand is telling the police department it must leave once the lease is up.

The department has been at this location for a quarter-century.

“And so the landlord has made a decision to ask the police to leave because they’re impacting tenants in the building, said city manager Steven Falk.

The police will have to find a new home.

In a council meeting this week, Blomstrand cited a growing force and too many police cars crammed into his property.

Each tenant gets ten parking spaces.

The police department has taken forty.

Building tenants we spoke with declined to comment on camera, but say they believe it’s not just police taking up space.

BART commuters are stealing spots too.

Others were shocked to hear that Lafayette doesn’t have a designated municipal building for its police force.

The city manager says because Lafayette is a fairly new city, officials tried to cut costs and keep tax payers from footing the bill.

2 thoughts on “Lafayette Police Department is facing eviction

  1. Looks like the police are about to be homeless. That’s a bummer.
    Gonna have to fleece some more tax money from the slaves to purchase a brand spankin new police dept. building….with a bigger parking lot.
    C’mon slaves, cough it up. Don’t make them flip you upside down til the money falls out.
    I saw a pic of one police vehicle in the parking lot and the space next to it was empty.
    I guess they don’t do much patrolling in Lafayette. If half their cars are out on patrol and there are still 40 spaces being used then how many cars do they have? 80?
    They probably have to double-park their MRAP’s. And they keep their armory right there next to Ci Ci’s Pizzaria.

  2. The landlord is probably afraid of his building being torched when people attack the police.

    It’s a good bet they’re not paying their rent, either, and they’re probably selling drugs out the back door.

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