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Las Vegas Shooting Victims, Families to Receive $31.5 Million in Payments from Victims’ Fund

Breitbart – by Kathrine Rodriguez

A victims’ fund for the Las Vegas shooting victims and their families announced Friday that it would distribute a total of $31.5 million in payments.

The Daily Mail reported that the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund would pay out up to $275,000 to each of the families of the 58 victims killed.

The fund would also distribute $275,000 to each of the ten victims who suffered permanent paralysis or brain damage as result of the October 1 shooting that took place on the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada.  

The fund—a nonprofit which began as a GoFundMe page started by local politicians to help the shooting victims—posted a chart breaking down how the $31.5 million fund would be distributed to a total of 532 people. Ten million of those dollars would go to 147 hospitalized from injuries suffered from the shooting.

The victims’ fund consists of millions of dollars raised from corporate and individual donors in increments ranging from $1 to $400,000.

Once the fund hit $90,000 in donations, it grew into a nonprofit corporation.

Howard Stutz, the spokesman for the victims’ fund, said they will begin to distribute 100 percent of the payouts starting Monday.

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One Response to Las Vegas Shooting Victims, Families to Receive $31.5 Million in Payments from Victims’ Fund

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    I wonder if they have to sign confidentiality agreements before they’re paid. (the corporate donations make that a possibility)

    “Here’s your money, as soon as you promise that what happened in Vegas, will stay in Vegas.”

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