Last remaining occupier surrenders at Malheur Wildlife Refuge

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BURNS, Ore. — All four holdouts at the Malheur refuge have surrendered.

Three of the four remaining occupiers had surrendered around 9 a.m. but David Fry was holding out. He surrendered around 11 a.m. and is in custody of the FBI.

For two hours after the three surrendered, Fry was on a phone call with the FBI, a blogger and supporters of the occupation. He described himself as suicidal and that his grievances have not been heard and acted upon.  

The holdouts at the Malheur wildlife refuge here had been joined on Thursday by a various state legislators and a prominent religious leader as they work with law enforcement on an end to the standoff.

The FBI moved Wednesday night to contain and possibly end the occupation, surrounding the refuge site with vehicles and prompting a through-the-night negotiation which continues Thursday.

Franklin Graham,  son of Billy Graham, had announced Wednesday night that he would go to the refuge at the request of the holdouts and the FBI. He reached Burns on Thursday morning with Michele Fiore, the Nevada lawmaker who has been communicating with the occupiers for weeks. Fiore flew into Portland on Wednesday and headed to the refuge.

An Idaho lawmaker, Heather Scott, joined them as well on Thursday as did officials from other states. Michael Arnold, one of the attorneys for former occupier leader Ammon Bundy, arrived in Burns as well and said he is helping to broker an end fo the standoff.

Bundy and seven other occupiers were arrested in late January when they drove away from the refuge to attend a community meeting. He remains jailed in Portland.

In Burns on Thursday morning as state and national media converged on the scene, the assorted out-of-town representatives said they are trying to negotiate a peaceful end to the prolonged standoff.

Cliven Bundy, the Nevadan rancher who is the father of Ammon Bundy, also flew into Portland Wednesday night intended to head to Burns. He posted a plea on Facebook for support for the remaining holdouts. Instead, he was arrested when he arrived at the Portland airport on outstanding federal charges.

6 thoughts on “Last remaining occupier surrenders at Malheur Wildlife Refuge

  1. The sage brush can once again grow wild and free.
    I understand that the occupiers had cleaned up the area.
    I wonder how big a mess the government left?
    I see the government sending the occupiers bill for the government services they receives from the FBI.

    1. and the destruction of once great land , and people

      amen Koyote

      I have a long memory (usually) I’ll be ready to tell a bunch of a#$holes .. remember? remember this?.. when our politicians sell us all out to another country for its advancement and these elites bank accounts (treason as they call us patriots terrorists)
      and that advancement will be the down fall and possible over take of this once great country , I may not live to see it ,, you may not live to see it.. but our kids and their kids will LIVE IT! (if they survive)

      WTF do they think Russia is going to use Uranium for ? Kiddy Cars?

      dumb Fks all over the dam place

      sorry Koyote .. i got off there a bit

    2. I see the the Refuge will be closed for 2+ weeks so they can “clean up” and take “inventory” of the “damage” done. “Inventory” being the key word here.
      I wonder if anyone from the US Geological Survey (USGS) will be there?
      The Office of Surface Mining (OSM)?
      The Department of Energy (DOE).
      Any representatives of geothermal energy corporations?
      How about mining conglomerate personnel?
      Any foreign investor representatives?
      The State Department?
      I am just a curious guy.

      The excuse is to “tactically clear” and bring in the “bomb squads”.
      They can “practice” their tactics and simultaneously keep out any prying eyes. There has to be a reason why so many Federal and State LE people were brought in? Or maybe not? Maybe it was “out of an abundance of caution”?
      Maybe they’re just trying to justify the stupefying expenditures?

  2. “The FBI moved Wednesday night to contain and possibly end the occupation,…”

    Seriously? CONTAIN?? 4 PEOPLE???

    Guess those picnic tables are out of danger now.

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