15 thoughts on “Leaving Salt Lake, Utah for Las Vegas – Finally getting my mail after 4 months

  1. What are those peaks in the background? They’re beautiful!!

    Mark, there’s a romanticism to truck-driving, no? I mean, just you and the open road, seein’ places few might see. Would you say it’s 50/50, with half of it being hard or tedious work and the other half being pleasurable? Just curious.



    1. Just outside Salt Lake south on I15 south, have no idea what the name of the range is. These are the small ones.

    2. You have to be part gypsy to appreciate this job, never home, living on the road in a semi. Its tedious when I’m forced to look at my paycheck, everything else is awesome. It’s an early grave job though, I’m living proof of that, two major surgeries, cancer of the intestines, intestinal blockage, always sitting on your ass.

      Yes, its romantic when the ambulance is taking you to the hospital straight from your truck. 🙂

      1. Well I’m glad there’s at least some “awesome” in there. And I hope you feel strong for many, many years to come. I’m thinkin’ glass half full.



    3. Those mountains are part of the Wasatch mountain range. I lived just bout 100 miles north of SLC in the S/W corner of Wyo Evanston, Mark has prolly been thru there also.

    1. Yeah Mary,

      I cant control taxes, weather or when the hell I get my mail. Never got to see Henry and Laura either, had to go the back way through Idaho. One of the many pitfalls of being told were to go, blah, blah, and more fkg blah…

      Beautiful drive though..


    1. Thanks NC, notice how I make sure I’m out of the fast lane? I’ve been reminded to watch that! LMAO….

    1. Howya doin brother? Hope all is well, yep roads our here definitely contributes to health problems. People just dont understand. When you do this for a living, the bouncing all day long will kill ya,.literally.

      The equipment is everything ended up taking a loss of income because this guy had a new truck. New is every three years, that is everything to me.

      A good air ride seat? 6 grand…

      1. doin well brother from another mother , I hear ya on the bouncing down the road shit , you get up this way and you are going to think you are driving on a wash board
        not only does it fatigue the driver but it tears up equipment unnecessarily

        new is nice , yes especially if you literally live in the dam thing

        stay safe out there , and thanks for the views from your cab

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