Letter from a United States Army Officer to the People of the United States

Letter to the People

Letter from a United States Army Officer to the People of the United States,

The United States Army is here to support and defend the People of the United States. The Army is not supposed to be a tool used by the Executive Branch to wage proxy wars against Nations with different views or to impose the will of institutionalized businesses on the rest of the world as it has over the last 12 years.  

We, the United States, have been part of a never ending series of proxy wars and illegal unnecessary wars that really began over 65 years ago. It is time to stop. It is time for the people to take back control of our government and stop the useless killing of thousands based on the greed of a few profitable organizations.

All Soldiers have taken a sworn oath to defend the Constitution against its enemies both domestic and foreign and remain loyal to the American way of life. There are two different oaths that are taken. One is for Soldiers and one is for Officers. Both swear to support and defend the Constitution. The key difference is the omission of the promise to obey in the Officer’s oath. Officers are legally bound by the same Uniformed Code of Military Justice as all Soldiers are, but they are not morally bound. Officers are trusted by the American People, through their congressional representatives who approve commissions, with the enormous moral responsibility of knowing when not to obey.

If our government chooses to continue the fight for global dominance, the lethal enforcement of our values on nations abroad, and the use of force on our own citizens then I will be one Army Officer who makes the moral decision to say no, and challenge our leadership. I will no doubt be subjected to trial and punishment for disobeying orders but I will share my views with other Army Officers and hope that they stand with me against the continuation of senseless use of force that has no international legal justification.

Over the last decade I have personally seen enduring examples of the Nation’s love and support for us in this fight and we have cherished them for doing so. Now know that you will always have our support. Do not be afraid to speak up. We are an Army for the People by the People. We are bound by the Constitution, not a power hungry institution. Know that as you stand up for what’s right we will be there to defend you, not silence you.


10 thoughts on “Letter from a United States Army Officer to the People of the United States

  1. What I think is needed is to know for sure the gun will not be turned on us at the time we stand up. I mean we heard it all before from the police yet everyday everywhere across the nation we hear of abuse and murder by police and what we hear is I’m doing my job! You know as well as I do anyone who stands will be branded a terrorist and criminal and that’s what be used to hunt and kill resisters. It’s only going to get worse as more freedoms are striped away and making a living becomes harder and harder, it is going to get to a point where they will attack the people cause they want to feed themselves and their families or they lose their jobs. Those military personal who stand will be seen as traitors and branded by the media they will call us murderers and molesters and everything between just so the steeple will call nine1one, and they will they don’t know any better after being indoctrinated their whole lives! So you tell us when and we’ll show up to the party but forgive me for saying this, but I know it will not be us making the first move! There is no confidence showing we will be backed. Every time something happens we see a mass movement against what they call the perpetrator a lock down a hunt and a kill and total suppression of the situation fabricated or not. So will someone tell me what do we do? Something has to happen! Or are we just going to keep taking it up the ass? I’m just saying.

  2. Good for this soldier doing this but is this as far as he will go?, because – like I said before – holding a sign realy dosen`t do or mean anything if if all it is is a bunch of words on cardboard. I have to say that most of these sign carriers will go back to work or their daily routine the next day as if every thing is normal. If carrying signs did anything then something would have been done a long time ago.

  3. I remember back in the seventies the flower children all over the country trying to get us to choose peace over war. They had many good placards but one stood out for me…. “What if they gave a war and nobody came”. If you think about that it would really make good sense. Here is why.

    For centuries kings and noblemen waged wars over all kinds of things some really stupid but one thing stood out they were led by those who demanded the conflict. The king led his men and there were no favorites noble men as well as peasants fought side by side. The danger was equal and often so was the outcome.

    Today the wars are ordered from a building in Washington by big wigs who have heavily invested in the war machine and all its rewards. It got titled as the Military Industrial Complex, which is a fancy title for a money making machine and indiscriminate slaughter. The ones who fight the wars are the poor and disenfranchised while the rich and elitists are protected from such horrors and only invest their capital not their bodies.

    For a long time I have thought if the boots on the ground were not present it would be impossible to war, however, today that is no longer true for now we have robots and machines (drones) not to mention missals that will do an equal or greater job of destruction and killing. The future looks grim for mankind sees war as a means to end all. Why it will turn the economy around, bring democracy to all everywhere, get rid of the bad guys and all will be well. If you believe that I have Saddam’s WMD to sell you.

    Wars make money, a lot of money for both sides proof of that was seen in World War II when banks were set up here to finance Hitler and money and needed supplies were provided the enemy. War is good business and as long as that is true we will never see peace for man is determined to bring about his own end. Obviously.

    1. I agree with everything you’ve said here.

      However . . .

      I believe a time will come … maybe, or maybe not, in my lifetime … where this old paradigm too will get to be old hat and die off.

      Oh not of it’s own accord you see. But people are innovative, and use their basic instincts and sooner rather than later get tired of all the fighting, bickering, and war and do something about their own oppression.

      It may very well be a performance on the stage of this timeline, but one of the things that is feeding the idea of negativity and destruction are the brainwashing movies, with the help of CIA of course, coming out of Hell-o-wood. It’s not the only thing, but it doesn’t help either.
      . . .

  4. I remember that saying about throwing a war and nobody came 🙂 , great saying Susan B……… I also remember people saying – back in the 60`s that the quickest way to inprove the ecomony is to start a war and put people back to work building shells, tanks, clotthing for the military, etc……

  5. It all sounds and looks great……but just as with the Oath Keepers and the County Sheriffs who claim they wont enforce gun grabs,…until they actually stand up and do their JOB as required by the Constitution and serve WE THE PEOPLE,…then they are full of shee-it and hot air.

    Sorry I don’t trust’em

  6. I should think a lot of them hippies are now in positions of power and making a good living from conflict and its related industries. One example would be the late Sonny Bono, a product of the sixties and the flower-power age, who went on to become a Republican. Eh? How on earth did that volte face come about?

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