Lindsey Graham – An Effeminate Joke Representing South Carolina

Seemingly forever American Nationals have had to endure this waste of the oxygen, a girly man who pretends to be something he isn’t. One of America’s true embarrassments, somehow continuing to get himself elected into office while being laughed at by the rest of the world, a true blight upon South Carolina.  

It just goes to show you how corrupt the process is of continuing to let this man/woman stay in office, representing South Carolina. Hiding behind the veil of manhood, an effeminate girly man reins power, fighting homosexuality at every turn; America should be ashamed of itself. This circus act has milked our tax money, usurped our Bill of Rights every inch of the way.

Never married, no kids, talks and acts like a girl, need I say more? The guy is as useful as a left-handed bacon stretcher, and yet we have to listen to this clown opine on a daily basis. Is this the best South Carolina can do? How does this tax burden continually get his sexually confused self re-elected?

This is how America has fallen into the abyss, by letting clowns such as this stand in position of power, embarrassing American Nationals on a daily basis while wasted precious time and money pretending to be something he isn’t.

South Carolina, get rid of this wanna be crossdresser, and put a real man in his/her place for crying out loud. Quit embarrassing the rest of the country.

9 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham – An Effeminate Joke Representing South Carolina

  1. I cant imagine the laughs behind this fags back while serving as a colonel in the Air Force Nation guard.

    Barney Frank was another one, at least he didn’t hide the fact that he too was a useless fag. How many more of this garbage are hiding in the senate, pretending to be real men?

  2. Our now emasculated populous cannot say anything because doing so would result in condemnation. Political correctness has destroyed out society. It’s amazing that we can understand each other at all.

    1. “Political correctness has destroyed out society.”

      Disagree, Bud.

      Television ‘programming’ has done more to destroy this ‘society’ (such as it is), than any other single factor, imo.

  3. “South Carolina, get rid of this wanna be crossdresser, and put a real man in his/her place for crying out loud.”

    The only other ‘choices’ are either pedophiles, rapists or murderers (or all three).

    Which would you suggest???

    1. When things get straightened out, a real man would work for me. There has to be one in South Carolina somewhere, hiding in the bushes.

      In the mean time, Lindsey gets his girlie man bullshit spotlighted.

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