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  1. Dear Mac (the person featured in the video),

    Semper Fi Brother.

    Although I understand your point, you miss the most irrefutable, and significant portion of the whole proess.

    Please allow me to illustrate:

    1) Obama is NOT a legitimate US President,.. he a is plant, that was specifically installed into office to accomplish one task, and one task only,.. the complete and utter subjugation and destruction of the USA.

    2) NONE of the US congress, or any of the federal agencies that should have charged, arrested and then convicted Obama, or the other traitors in the US Congress have doen their jobs,.. and they are NOT going to.

    3) The global economy is going to crash,.. as per design,.. but, they MUST disarm this nation FIRST.

    4) When the national/international economy crashes, the ensuing chaos will demonstrate to people just one of the main reasons they need their firearms, at which point the treasonous fed gov’t chances of disarming this nation will be zero, hence they MUST disarm before the global finance system implodes.

    Problem: The trick is NOT for them to implode the economy, but keeping it from self-destructing until they are ready for that phase, but they are running out of time and options,.. hence the fact that they have gone “all-in” in their attempts to disarm this nation, even if its in big leaps at a time as opposed to one sweeping action.

    5) It is not a matter of negotiating or notifying our “representatives”,… the communists in charge have been given their marching orders by their paymasters in the IMF, World Bank, Central Banking System and other NWO members, and those marching orders are: “Disarm America”,.. period.

    They will stage as many events as needed, present any argument no matter how idiotic, and in the end will simply violate every aspect of our Constitution to get it done.

    The only question is: How long are we going to let them get away with it until we say,.. “it is time to provide new guards for our future security!”

    JD – US Marines – There is no negotiating left,.. it is about preparation, organization and communication for the coming shit fight.

    1. I think you nailed it.
      Those in power in Washington see something very wicked coming in terms of a dollar death from the petrodollar issue.
      Iran is standing firm against US sanctions, then we have China, Russia & India assisting them too to circumvent all US sanctions by trading gold for Iranian oil.

      There is little to be done aside from starting a nuke war with China & Russia who have made it clear that they will not tolerate any actions against Iran (or the back door to Iran, Syria).
      Those in the know realize that we will experience something far worse than what Greece is since Greece has an alternate currency to trade in, the US doesn’t…

      Those in power know that we are very close to some rapid devaluation & a concomitant explosion of violence due to welfare checks bouncing & bank accounts / pensions getting wiped out.
      The more these bastards try to get our military pattern weapons, the more we should worry about what they have planned for us & the tighter we must hold onto them.

      Semper Fi, USMC 1983-87, Quantico.

  2. about the cops being second responders, the supreme court has ruled that it is not the job of police to protect people from criminals.

    So why do the gun grabber types say give up your means of defending yourselves and let the police protect you when it isn’t even their job to do so?

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