Zionist Spring Offensive in the Middle East Probable

Syria’s President Assad is stating that he believes that he can maintain control of his country and defeat the insurgency and it is being said that Russia is backing that position, thus causing a rise in tensions between the US and Russia.  The question would be, if the United States is only interested in stopping the killing in Syria, does it matter how that goal is accomplished, especially considering the fact that Assad was supposed to be a US ally prior to the present conflict.

As we have said here at From the Trenches over and again, this entire Arab Spring was designed by the Zionists, both in the US and Israel, to destabilize the governments of the Middle East as this is the only way the Zionists could get past a forty year peace that has been stopping their further conquest of the region.

The agitation to facilitate the unrest was easy to accomplish because the governments of Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and literally every other country in the region other than Iran have been, for the past forty years, accepting US bribes to allow Zionist corporate infiltrators to rob the citizens of these various Middle Eastern and African countries’ of the lion’s share of their wealth.

This spring the US will be handing over the security for Afghanistan to the puppet government the Zionists have installed there, as threats of budget cuts to defense looms in the face of the industrial war complex.  These war mongers not only will not give up one dollar but fully intend on expanding their expenditures, even if their greed sucks us in to a third world war.

I believe the Russians have begun to look seriously at this eventuality as the Americans they have contacts with, who are inside our government, are telling them absolute that the Israelis are in charge and that the Zionist controlled puppet government for the US will follow all orders as handed down by King Netanyahu.

Considering the truth that our economy is doomed to fail completely, I have to believe that a beginning of hostilities in Syria and Iran have already been sanctioned for this spring.  I believe the Zionists will go through with it, quite simply because they have no other choice.

The American people are awake.  The sleeping giant has awoken and those who have brought him from his slumber are trembling in fear as they are just now realizing the magnitude of what they have done.  This whirlwind cannot be stopped but the Zionists will attempt the most diabolical acts in their best effort to do so.

God be with us as we sway into these uncharted and troubled waters.

One thought on “Zionist Spring Offensive in the Middle East Probable

  1. Good post.
    Unfortunately, with all the false flag ops currently being perpetrated around in this country lately, and the so-called ‘government’s’ blatantly traitorous attempts to trash the 2nd ammendment and take our guns, the dire situation in the Middle East seems to be of little or no concern to many these days.

    It is of great concern to me, however. It should not be overlooked.

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