3 thoughts on “Live Stream Ferguson Protests

  1. These protests always appear to be somewhat of a party gathering, and guess they will continue untill folks realize the war is and has been on. Come dressed and armed properly, the fun is over.

    1. you can bet the killers are going to come dressed and armed properly and they love for you to not be armed as it is so much safer for them. How can so many people still remain so blind to whats right under their noses?

  2. Now the State Patrol is in charge of “restoring the peace” and the FBI will be sifting clues as to how they can turn this public relations nightmare in their favor. A national debate on the militarization of Police Depts. across America using military hardware for civilian patrols. You can bet the order came from above to make this story “go away”. “When we have answers to give, we’ll give them”, said ringleader Ron Johnson. The police have handcuffed themselves and are going to be good boys for all to see. Perception Management. “Everyone can go home now, your benevolent police department has everything under control.”

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