Los Angeles Homeless Woman Shows How She Lives in a Tent

Published on Apr 29, 2019
UPDATE: ROCKEY IS NO LONGER HOMELESS! LA Family helped get her into housing.

When I went to visit Rockey at her tent, she started to show me how she made a gate to keep people out. I wasn’t yet set up with my camera but I started recording video. Rockey shows me how she ties a rope to the gate and then sleeps with the rope so if anyone tries to get in, she’ll feel it and wake up. Homeless people and especially homeless woman are constantly of being attacked. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THAT!

Some of you may remember Rockey from our behind the scenes vlog on the virtual reality movie made possible through a partnership with Oculus’s VR For Good, film director Rose Troche, and Invisible People. You can watch that video here: https://youtu.be/2G3oeDj9QGw Thanks to the help from Eric Montoya and LA Family Housing, Rose was connected to Rockey and the two became friends. The VR film is about Rockey’s story and Rockey also plays herself in the VR experience.

Rockey has lived homeless in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County for over three years. She has lived in this tent for about a year. Rockey says she had to make it as much of a home as possible.

Rockey had a bad turn of events that snowballed until she had no choice but to live in a tent. Rockey doesn’t want to draw off the system forever. She wants to work. Rockey wants to be like normal people. Go home at the end of the day. Have a meal and watch television.

Rockey says life can change in an instant. If you don’t have money to pay rent, you’re going to try to survive. You build a tent. You get a trap. You grab cardboard. You do anything to keep yourself warm at night.

17 thoughts on “Los Angeles Homeless Woman Shows How She Lives in a Tent

  1. This the country we live in where Israel get billions while Americans are homeless. Screw the government and screw the jews

    1. Strong woman…let’s try and find her. We could help. Love to have her on Henry’s show. I’m in LA alot, Cali for that matter.

  2. All that experience
    And yet look at that smile

    We’re a tuff fckin breed , take heed you tyrant bastards

  3. Let’s find this woman you guys. Get her on Henry’s show.

    Update. Shes found a home!

    Everybody should listen starting at the 21.20 mark.

    1. yes that was the ‘happy ending’ to this jew agenda…I listened to the whole interview …..now I hope she can find a podiatrist to get her feet cared for

  4. If someone can find where she is now let me know and I will send her one of my books, or both (I have no problem giving away my books to homeless for free). This woman is a hero. Blessings to her!

  5. So much to learn from this strong woman. Seems to have the spirit of a hundred years ago, when women had grit yet still retained their dignity and grace. Wouldn’t anyone like to have this woman for a neighbor?!!! Especially when the doo-doo hits the fan? She radiates that wonderful combination of goodness and capability. I love her.


  6. “She wants to work. Rockey wants to be like normal people. Go home at the end of the day. Have a meal and watch television.”

    She & I have two completely different views of what a ‘normal’ person is these days.

    You can’t watch t.v. ‘programming’ and continue to be normal (unless you’re fully awake to begin with like Henry, and do it strictly to follow the fake MSM newscasts).

    Regardless of the BOGUS numbers they’re putting out, I know there’s at least a couple hundred thousand homeless in L.A. & Orange Counties combined.

    I know this because I was one of them for most of the last two years before I escaped that hellhole, and I know that many went unaccounted for.

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