Lotsa Dots On Mail Boxes! Has It Begun?

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A very concerned Before its news reader recently emailed us pictures and questions about very strange red and other colored dots being found on mailboxes where they live. With EVERYTHING else unfolding around the country, from FEMA Camps being activated to guillotines, to foreign troops in America to the near certain collapse of the US economy and the dollar, is this ‘another sign’ that the NWO is ready to attempt to seize power and begin the ‘elimination’ of the American people? According to Officer Jack McLamb in the video below, these mailbox dots have a very specific meaning that tie right into FEMA camps and the ‘extermination’ of Americans.  

This first two, sure enough, look red to me. Are these people now considered a ‘goner’, destined for instant death or the FEMA camps? The first picture was emailed in by our reader, the 2nd taken from a story by Alabama Bloggers asking the same question.

The rest of these pictures were emailed in by our reader. Is the dot below a yellow or green one? Is this person ‘safe’?

Check these next two out, looks to me like the original dots were removed entirely. What is that all about? Have these people been ‘taken off the lists’?

Some would argue that this is nothing more than ‘conspiracy theory’. You’ll have to be the judge of that. To be on the side of fairness, I had to add this 2009 story.

A Vancouver businesswoman is launching a new campaign to help people who want to cut down on junk mail.

The Red Dot Campaign aims to draw attention to a little-known Canada Post policy that allows people to stop unaddressed junk mail arriving in their mailbox or dropping through their mail slot.

“A red dot is what Canada Post uses to officially mark houses who have opted out,” Ringdahl told CBC News on Wednesday.


14 thoughts on “Lotsa Dots On Mail Boxes! Has It Begun?

  1. Where I live they have had different collord dots and different numbers on everything from electrical feild boxes to mail boxes and road signs. In fact they have those dots and different numbers on all road signs, even highway road signs. check them out in your areas, they are there. They have been there for years. By the way, LOL, those numbers and dots are on the “back” of those road signs 🙂

    1. In the UK they are used by the military who can see in the mirrors the dots as they pass the signs, also you see along roads little “roofed” posts which are military signs again identifying where the strategic oil and fuel pipelines are connecting cities and identifying that a outlet point is nearby.

      1. Yep Grandparent, my oldest and probobly my top of the list freinds is a old viet nam vet comunucations line man expert told me that those numbers were for identifying the people that own/live in the area. He never told me nor did I ask about those dots those, go figure eh :), I should have asked him about those dots. You can bet I will though because he only liked to talk about those numbers behind those road signs. I wil ask him about those dots though.

        1. Yep, Angry Grandparent, I just talked to my buddy and he said that all of those numbers correspond to people living in the area and thoes dot`s represent a level of how the govt. analizes those that live in the area of the color coded area represented by the dots. If ya know what I mean. Yep, my freind said to think of how those dots and numbers will relate to the FEMA camps when they start taking people away. He prety much said that those numbers and dots are there to show where you are on the list

  2. The dots are usually used, on mail boxes, by your paper boy / man.
    The dots enable them to see who gets a paper at 4 am by marking
    the box with these reflective dots.

    1. I delivered newspapers before I joined the Marines. When I first started my paper route, the previous route carrier marked the boxes with four different stickers like what is shown. They were to help me in sorting out the papers throughout the week. Certain colors were for papers everyday, weekend only, Sundays only or an issue of IBD (Investors Business Daily). Although I am not dismissing anything in the article above, I would personally think this is all the local paper carrier and their individual way of indicating to new drivers or subsitute drivers which paper was delivered to the proper person any day of the week.

      Semper Fi to you JD!
      War is a Racket

  3. I say screw the dots and just deliver damn mail. If you get junk mail, then who cares. Stop being lazy and just throw the damn paper out or use it for scrap or paper airplanes. Stop penalizing and marking the rest of us because you don’t like a little extra paper in your box and stop giving the government excuses to use mailboxes to abuse us and take us to their infamous FEMA camps.

    If you see a dot on your mailbox, just take the damn thing off and stick it on a police car when you are walking by or put it on some glass door on the front of a government building. No one will know.

    But that’s just me.

    1. Damned right NC, take that F`n dot off your mail box and put it on a public mail box – just use gloves or something ya know 🙂 . Yep put them dots on the mail boxes 🙂

  4. I delivered papers for a while, and that is what these are used for. Different colors for different types of subscriptions. We would put them on the mailboxes so we knew which houses got papers, and which subscription they had.

    1. I remember when we had this new thing called a “notebook” to write down who got what and where to put them. Then people started getting really LAZY!!!!!

      Man I miss the paper days…. E-tagging everything is just another way of saying, I’m a product of the Beast.

  5. C’mon…its “Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die”….as bad as AJ or BECK…

    Oh Waiter?….
    Yes sir what shall ye have?
    Well another super-sized platter of internet BS hype please!
    Yes sir…coming right up,…want fries with that??

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