Louisiana police officer dies in shooting, manhunt underway for suspect

Fox News

A frantic manhunt for a gunman was underway Thursday after a Shreveport, La. police officer died Wednesday after being shot on duty.

Shreveport Police Cpt. Marcus Hines told a press conference late Wednesday that the officer, whose name has not been released, was shot at around 9:15 p.m. local time while responding to a report of a suspicious person inside a home. Hines says an armed man was apparently inside the residence, threatening to harm people.  

Hines initially said the officer was in “very serious” condition at a hospital, but later told KTAL that the officer had died.

Hines said the Shreveport police, Caddo Parish deputies and canines are searching for a male suspect. A press conference will be held at 9:30 a.m. local time to outline details of the deadly shooting and release the name of the dead officer.

Shreveport police spokesman Bill Goodin told The Associated Press that investigators believe they know who the suspect is and are obtaining a warrant for his arrest.

“Last night, we lost one of our brave, uniformed officers in the line of duty. Our hearts are saddened,” Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler told KTBS. “We ask for the community’s prayers for this officer’s family and SPD as we grieve the loss of one of our own who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting the citizens of this city.”

The station reported that the last fatal shooting of a Shreveport police officer took place in October 2010. Shreveport is the third-largest city in Louisiana with a population of around 200,000 people. It is located in the so-called Ark-La-Tex region, where the borders of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas meet.

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3 thoughts on “Louisiana police officer dies in shooting, manhunt underway for suspect

  1. if the shooting of those bikers by cops in Texas is a true story , this wont be the last dead cop we will read about, although this one isnt probably related..but than again there are ways to get them to look in different directions as the job gets done

    like i said IF that wasnt a false flag or psy ops , they just painted a huge target on their backs

    somewhat unrelated to this story but a thought i just had

    1. You’re right, Enemy, but bikers or not, we’re going to hear about more and more police shootings, because they’re always the first targets, and things are definitely heating up.

      I had no internet access for a couple days, so I thought the war had already started. It’s nice to have communications back up, and it’s good to hear of another cop being killed.

  2. You would have to get rid of all the Communist Shabbes goy at once, the Jews can replace their Communist goy enforcers as fast as they can be killed.

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