Mad Martist’s Target

FEC_Matthew_S_PetersenMatthew Spencer Petersen (born 1970)[1] is a member of the United States Federal Election Commission (FEC).

He was nominated to the FEC by President George W. Bush on June 12, 2008, and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on June 24, 2008. He was unanimously elected to serve as the Chairman of the FEC starting in 2010 by his fellow members of the FEC in December 2009.  

Preferred Method: 

Exile is to be away from one’s home while being explicitly refused permission to return.

2 thoughts on “Mad Martist’s Target

  1. Haha! Thanks, KOYOTE! THis db is in charge of the tale of mass deception of voting…the stop gap of hitting the wall of reality.

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