9 thoughts on “Man arrested at Nashville, TN Gun Rally for carrying an AR15

  1. What state was that? I want to know so that I can avoid ever going there or doing business with companies that have HQ there.

    1. Mark, that was in Nashville, TN. The man cited was a handgun carry permit holder, and he was instructed in his mandatory class that even though carrying a handgun either coincealed or in the open would have been legal, and having the long gun in his vehicle, so long as a round is not chambered would be legal, brandishing a long gun in downtown Nashville is neither legal nor intelligent. I am also a carry permit holder and do not want foolish actions to threaten my legal rights.

      We will now stand by and see if the MSM uses this to further villify gun owners and confirms #!NWO Hatr’s suspicions.

      1. “I am also a carry permit holder and do not want foolish actions to threaten my legal rights.”

        Your “legal rights” are threatened by his arrest, and they’ve already been diminished by the fact of you thinking you need a permit to carry a gun.

        For your homework assignment you’ll have to peel open a dictionary and look up “inalienable” and “infringement”.

  2. Wonder how much this shill was paid by the so-called ‘government’?

    More than enough to cover the fine and court costs, I’m bettin’.

    1. Oh yea #1 I agree 100%. Any one else would have been tazed, shot, or atleast he would have been beat bloody by the cops for carryin` that AR15. Yea, I think he is working for the cops too #1.

  3. I am a rabid supporter of the Second Ammendment.

    That said, no harm, no foul here. The State Troopers did their job, and by all appearances in the video, did it professionally.

    I am a handgun carry permit holder in the state of Tennessee. I know, as should the man cited should have, that even though permit holders have the legal right to carry a handgun in the plaza, and the legal right to carry a rifle or shotgun in their vehicle, so long as a round is not chambered, YOU DON”T WALK AROUND DOWNTOWN NASHVILLE BRANDISHING A LONG GUN.

    I suspect that fellow is going to lose his carry permit.

  4. so who constitutes the militia…


    transients from mexico plucking chickens…


    “Jew” worshipping makes a bunch of braindeadgoy into permission slip carrying henny pennys’ who will watch a church holocausted by “jewish” terrorists using TANKS & Helicopters and SNIPERS and cheer for the terrorists….


    ’cause they done seen it on Talmudvision…in COLOR !!


    what a display


    eh ?

  5. 2nd Amendment trumps any local statutes, and in this case, his righs were clearly violated.
    He threatened no one, disturbed no peace.

    They fear long guns like these..Period. Its an outrage.
    And You dont need a permit. (Knowledge is power, you have no rights if you dont know what your rights are)
    Our 2nd Amendment is OUR Permit you fools!!

  6. Hey All
    I readily admit that Im not the sharpest rock in the nail box,buuuuut can someone please explain to my slow thinking self the point of this child carrying his little gun to the court house. If you are too gutless to defend your property(stanley syndrome,remember rick stanley ‘s antics in denver 10yrs past) why have it, let alone turn it in on demand. I just dont understand,if its that important or did the guy just need some personal attention I just dont understand.

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