Man Converts Toyota Prius into Motor Home

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It’s Friday, so we figured it’s time for a little humour. James Lawler, a Landscaper from Torquay Australia, has built himself a mini-motorhome atop his Toyota Prius Hybrid. The project took just over a week to complete using scrap materials, and ended up costing him just under $150. What inspired this project? Lawler says “There’s a lot of boring camper vans out there. I thought this would be a little bit more quaint and Australiana with a rusted tin roof. It’s quite well insulated in there. It’s more comfortable than a tent.”  

Lawler originally built the home for a comfortable stay at the Meridith Mountain Music festival in Victoria. On the way home police fined him, citing the vehicle for being “unroadworthy”. He is dismantling the home but is inspired to build another more watertight caravan soon. Obviously the drag from his creation offsets the hybrid’s efficiency, but we can appreciate his creativity and style. One thing is certain; if there ever is a zombie apocalypse, we want to be part of James Lawler’s crew!

James Lawler Prius

3 thoughts on “Man Converts Toyota Prius into Motor Home

  1. “Well I wasn’t picking up any girls in a Prius anyway, so why not strap an outhouse onto the back of it?”

    1. LOL. That was my thought, too. Now tell me, just what does he think he’s going to attract with a mobile outhouse?

  2. Fines for vehicle ‘infractions’ in this country are insane. That probably cost him at least $200. If I exceed the speed limit by 2kmh I would be looking at about $250.
    Mind you a packet of 25 cigarettes costs up to $30.

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