Man dies following overnight APD shooting

KRQE News 13 – by Samantha McDonald

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Another fatal APD shooting took place Tuesday night, following a protest against the department just 10 days after the fatal foothills shooting that brought national attention and more scrutiny to the city’s police.

This shooting went down on the far west side of Albuquerque near Central and 60th Street.

APD Chief Gorden Eden was out in the area at about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday and said a man came out of his house and shot at police, who returned his fire.

Police say the incident started at about 9 p.m. Tuesday when officers responded to a 911 call about a man pointing a gun at a kid.

Police say when they got to the complex on 60th Street and Avalon Northwest, the suspect exited an apartment with a gun and fired the weapon. At least one officer returned fire.

The suspect was rushed to the hospital and died, according to police. The officers involved were not injured.

Witnesses tell a different story about the shooting.

There was cellphone video captured that could be hard to watch. Now, this video of last night shooting has been posted on YouTube by a man named Bob Cornelius. On his Facebook page, he says it was recorded by a neighbor and viewers can hear the shots fired.

Neighbors say they gave their cellphone to the suspect’s sister who called her brother who was in the home with his nephews. They say the sister told him to come out of the home because police said they would not use lethal force.

The witnesses say the nephews exited the home first then the suspect came out with one hand up and the other hand holding the phone to his ear.

Police told the sister to have him put the phone down and when he dropped his hand, police shot him. The witnesses say they did not see a gun on the suspect.


7 thoughts on “Man dies following overnight APD shooting

  1. Everyone knows how that will turn out. Police used reasonable force to remove the life from an unarmed man because they were scared. Witnesses to the shooting who tell a different story will just be ignored as cops never lie and are upstanding, Dudley Dorights who can do no wrong. “You witnesses who tell a different story deserve to be shot.”, the Pigs wanted to say.

    1. Yep, you basically covered it, Millard.

      Can We the People just unite and take back our country because I’m really getting sick of this shit?

  2. driving today i covered only 30 miles in one direction of local freeway

    I saw over 15 cop cars ( on the freeway) waiting to stop people , or already actively stopping people

    I saw 5 separate cars pulled over, all of them the police had the occupants outside the car, or in the back seat of the cruiser, cops pulling things out of cars,
    one minivan pulled over had 4 cop cars behind it.

    they were seriously sucking the life blood out of an already poor populace.
    generating money for the sate as they were all state cops..

    I could bet that someone got roughed up today in all of this show of almost planing on going home a different way

  3. A commenter on another site who is from NM said that there are
    billboards everywhere posturing support for israel. Criminals beget

  4. “They say the sister told him to come out of the home because police said they would not use lethal force.”

    Excuse me???

    How much longer are these sheeple going to fall for the banana in the tailpipe?

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