Man Robbed by Police on tip from Wife: Rights TRAMPLED!

Published on Apr 16, 2013 by OneTruth4Life

Is it okay for a man to walk into another man’s house and take his stuff? What if the man who is entering has an official looking uniform, badge and a gun? Is it okay then?

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12 thoughts on “Man Robbed by Police on tip from Wife: Rights TRAMPLED!

  1. Being he was living behind the iron Curtian state. What laws did he break by owning guns and ammo?

    Now having a gun range up stairs was stupid.

    So what laws did he break? Maybe someone in that area can chime in and say.

  2. I’ll be happy to hear that his wife gets what she deserves.

    Now he’s being sent for “psychological observation”, which means he’ll be shot up with drugs that make sure he does less thinking than his dog.

    1. Hell JR, I heard that they have brought back shock treatments too. Jeeze, I am waiting for those crazy dr.s to bring back the good old fashioned lobotomy with a ice pick. LOL It wouldn`t suprise me with all of the medicare/medicade cutbacks ya know.

    1. I’m still a happily married man. Sorry, guys. lol

      That’s why I didn’t marry an American girl. Most of them are all crazy and messed up in the head from all of that political correctness bullshit, feminism and everything else the government and MSM has been using over the years to brainwash and manipulate them against us guys. There are very few REAL women out there, these days. Very few have any compassion or understanding. It’s sad. So I know what you mean.

      1. Laura, Angel, Cathleen, RT Hawk and most of the other women who post here excluded, of course.

        (you HAVE to add the disclaimer, NC, or you could get into a LOT of trouble). LOL

        1. That’s why I said, “MOST WOMEN”. That was my disclaimer, #1. lol

          By the way, check this out. I sent it to Henry. Maybe he’ll post it tomorrow.

          Just two days before the anniversary of the Waco, TX compound incident. Do you think they are bombing places in order to pin it on patriot groups or could this be just a separate incident?

          Hundreds believed injured in Texas fertilizer plant blast

          1. I sent him two articles on this. The first one was from Yahoo news which said nothing about fatalities, the second from BIN that said (unconfirmed) 60-70 dead.
            Angel just went back to Texas today, you know. Right?

          2. And I’ll tell you what already sounds suspicious as hell about this one. If it’s an accident, there’s usually only ONE explosion. I’ve already read that there were THREE separate explosions, which sends my false flag meter soaring.

            But then I DO have an extremely suspicious nature.

  3. She said, “He was convinced that martial law is imminent.”

    Wow. I can’t believe someone would say that. That’s insane! He should be put away for years. Who in their right mind thinks our government is going to take over our country using Martial law? They love us and care for us and our well-being. (Sarcasm)

    This woman must have been born yesterday. Has she been living under a rock? OF COURSE MARTIAL LAW IS IMMINENT, YOU STUPID SHEEPLE!

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