Man sells herbs proven to cure cancer, U.S. government jails him, lists him on Interpol

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Doing the right thing, even if it means healing people with cancer, isn’t always a good thing. In fact, it just may land you some serious jail time and get you listed on Interpol (International Criminal Police Organization), which warns against and watches over big-time war criminals, terrorists or the likes of mass murderers.

Just ask Greg Caton, a U.S. citizen and the Founder of Alpha Omega Labs who was legally selling plant-based topical herbs in Ecuador. One minute Caton was helping sick people, selflessly dedicating his time to heal others. Then, in 1999, he was approached at gunpoint in his own driveway by U.S officials, flown back to the U.S and put in federal prison for two years.  

At the height of this breaking news story, mainstream media did not cover the story. Surely, there was a popular music video or fashion statement that took precedence, or some other reason those with the ability to help knowingly turned a blind eye about Caton’s abduction. However, our own Mike Adams was the first to break this unbelievable story. He says he has testimonials from several esteemed individuals that prove Caton’s herbs could cure and help those with cancer, including one from a former NASA astronaut.

The shame: “You can’t sell herbs that actually cure cancer in America”

As if Caton’s imprisonment wasn’t shocking enough, the U.S. FDA actually got him listed on Interpol, a police organization that aims to rid the world of dangerous folks like escaped fugitives and terrorists. Mike Adams, Natural News’s Health Ranger, expresses the frustration behind the story saying, “that’s how desperate they are. You can’t sell herbs that actually cure cancer in America.”

Not only has Caton been on the Interpol list, but a Parade magazine cover featured his image below Osama bin Laden as part of a story about America’s most wanted criminals.

Adams says such outrage “shows the criminality of the U.S. government and the desperation that is trying to intimidate those that are trying to promote natural cancer therapies.”

While no longer serving prison time, Caton still faces incredible difficulties when it comes to offering helpful, plant-based topical herbs to people with cancer.

In fact, in April 2013 on his herbal site Caton writes, “One of the fallacies that many people presume is that operating in a small country, such as Ecuador, frees one from political intrigue or the usual bureaucratic encoutrement that is more widely associated with business in larger more industrialized countries. It isn’t true.”

He explains that, without warning, he was told to close his doors, saying that it “poses quite an imposition for our retail customers, not to mention our resellers . . . but this is the current regulatory environment in which we live, globally. During this ‘down time,’ we will continue to support our existing customers with any product information they need.” He urges people to write

Unfortunately, greed and secrecy is the name of the game. Clearly, big-pharma, government and everyone else choosing to ignore the natural healing cures that exist are doing so for reasons of personal profit and maintaining industry clout among peers. Plots, bribes and falsely skewed information are the norm and herbal remedies that cure diseases are not.

Our government’s continual greed-fueled mentality, much like ones that keep them shunning Caton’s Cansema product and herbal cures is more than a shame. Sadly, it’s a routine occurrence that happens more often than it should. Together, Natural News readers and other health-conscious individuals can aim to continue spreading awareness about such atrocities until they are recognized and reversed. Please share this story to make this shame known and that such acts, then and now, should not be tolerated.

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  1. The Doctor down in Texas, Bursynski, has been curing cancers for years. He has gone through hell for doing this…..if you read the information on him, it’s very compelling that he is legitimate and can do what he says.

  2. I have always thought that you can say that a herbal or herbal mix “May” cure cancer. You cannot say that it ” Does ” cure cancer. I know that there are preventatives and herbal cures as has deen proven by many, but even at that ya cannot say that it Does cure, you can say that it May cure cancer. At least from how I understood it I thought.

    1. Hey Diggerdan good point. i ran into another article speaking about a person who healed herself with cannabis oil. in that link was another link showing how to make it. very interesting . I actually have witnessed 2 people who used it successfully in the past.

      1. That`s right Millard. As if it is a rite any more to think though. They Think they took our right to think 😆


    THIS WHOLE ARTICLE IS RETARDED, Because it doesn’t mention the most important thing !!!


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