Man Shot For ‘Telepathically Raping’ Neighbor

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

Melony Selleneint convinced her husband Michael that their neighbor Tony Pierce was “telepathically raping” her and had multiple times, then went and illegally obtained a gun and encouraged her husband to shoot Pierce in the back.

According to obtained by KSL, “She told Mr. Selleneit to ‘go ahead’ and shoot Mr. Pierce” and “defendant also admitted that immediately before the shooting, as Mr. Selleneit stood at the door of his trailer preparing to shoot Mr. Pierce, defendant told Mr. Selleneit to ‘go for it.’”  

Pierce’s injuries were not life-threatening and the Selleneint’s are going to a mental hospital and eventually jail, according to the video report below.

25 thoughts on “Man Shot For ‘Telepathically Raping’ Neighbor

  1. What, is this really serious, wow, I guess that this flat out shows the power of the mind. 🙂 . I think that the military should use these two caracters for their mind control super top secret weapon experiments.

    1. Hey digger, our military is already raping the rest of the world in physical reality but if they used a hologram in the sky of that looney toon bitch they would scare the be-jesus out of everyone who witnessed it!

      1. I bet that the military actually could terrorize people if they had a giant talking hologram. People are easily influenced arent they Millard.

  2. Were these folks out of the cast of “Deliverance”?? I’m hoping they got ALL their vaccines which made them sterile so as not to pollute the gene pool. I think the wife was doing some “wishful thinking” concerning the neighbor’s interest in her.

  3. O. K., maybe these two should have cut the umbilical cord BEFORE they tied the knot. This is why we have laws (very good laws, in that respect) against inbreeding.

    We leave that to the Illuminati, so they can keep their corrupt bloodlines corrupt.

  4. BentSpear, if you need help JUMPING off that wagon I’ll help! Some of the comments did cause a chuckle to escape my lips.
    Tell ya what guys, BEFORE IT’S NEWS really dropped the ball on this one. Then again, isn’t Susan Duclos really Suzanne Plossel?
    It’s from Dec. 6, 2011!
    Here is the archived article:

    1. I forgot to ask, has anyone else ever heard of “Telepathic sex” of any kind? I’ll bet erectile dysfunction isn’t a problem!
      Oh, the possibilities.
      🙂 🙂

          1. Many years ago I shared a house with a grand wizard of astral weirdness and he had the most insane ideas and beliefs including astral sex (that is how I knew google could provide for you).

          2. I meant to be facetious with that comment. Never expected a response! Now I know more than I wanted to!

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