Man who allegedly dragged cop with car says NYPD ‘destroyed’ his vehicle

New York Post

One of the accused speed demons caught on video in January dragging a cop in Times Square who tried to slow down the zooming Mercedes Benz is now claiming to be the victim — alleging Saturday that the NYPD “destroyed” his ride.

The post, written on the “Team Agresivo” Instagram account, includes a video of the Mercedes C63 police say was used in the Jan. 13 incident, apparently taken after the NYPD initially picked it up.  

A man speaking in the video described the car as “beautiful, moving no problem, everything beautiful.”

The problems started later, he explained.

“I will like to [demonstrate] evidence of the Time Square case that l have been accused [of],” the poster wrote. “I have [evidence] recorded where you clearly can observe the conditions of how the car was [picked] up by [the] NYPD department. Then the next day, already [in] custody of [the] NYPD, the car was seen destroyed, like the car had an accident.”

“…The car has half of the bumper; it has been [taken] away, headlight, mirror and side skirt of quarter panel and rear bumper, you can see that they cut [them],” the post continued.

It’s not clear if the post was written by Arfhy Santos, 20 —the alleged driver who was hit with an attempted murder charge — or William Lopez, 24, who owned the car.

Footage of the incident shows smoke coming from the Mercedes’ tires as Santos attempts a burnout near the Army Recruiting Station. It was at this moment that Officer Ian Wallace, 26, approached the car and ordered the driver to pull over, to no avail.

The Benz kept going — and clipped Wallace as it sped away.

“Get that car!” the thrown officer can be heard saying in the video, just moments after being thrown from the hood.

Despite his efforts, the duo managed to make a clean getaway, traveling west on West 42nd Street — and hitting several cars in the process, officials said.

Wallace suffered minor injuries to his right leg and hip, chest, arms and back. He was taken to Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s hospital.

Both Santos and Lopez were busted five days later.

“Just because [the] NYPD has all the power and is the law they think they can get away with everything,” the Instagram post concluded. “Oooh and if they state that the car supposedly had an accident, why [were] all the airbags are not out?”

Instagram commenters cheered the poster and blasted the police.

“Ohh s—t bro,” @instaasms wrote. “Get ‘em!”

“Wow pieces of s—t NYPD ain’t s—t,” @themanali added.

“They protect [their] own smh,” @srtricky chimed in.

The “Team Agresivo” Instagram page includes dozens of flashy car racing videos. “Stress levels /Street racing,” the page’s description says.

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment about the allegations.

5 thoughts on “Man who allegedly dragged cop with car says NYPD ‘destroyed’ his vehicle

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  2. “The Benz kept going — and clipped Wallace as it sped away.”

    Not hard enough, apparently. Here’s why…

    “Wallace suffered minor injuries to his right leg and hip, chest, arms and back.”


    1. He didnt get hurt, hes just a wuss
      he wants money, and sympathy , something he should never have

      If he got hurt , than how much of a tuff guy is he really?

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