Man With Bomb Takes City Hall In Michigan Hostage

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

A man with an explosive device is holding hostages inside Westland City Hall, according to CBS Detroit.

Police have locked-down a section of Westland, Michigan near Detroit as the bomb squad has been called in to handle a developing situation at the town’s city hall.   

The Michigan State Police bomb squad has been called to the scene, reported WJBK Monday afternoon, and at least two schools in the area have been placed on precautionary lockdown.

This situation is ongoing and I will try to keep you posted on what happens. -Mort


2 thoughts on “Man With Bomb Takes City Hall In Michigan Hostage

  1. If this is the same building I was in a few years back, it’s really not worth bombing – in fact, it may have already been done! Luv ya’ Westland!

  2. I thought Detroit already bombed after they took away the auto industry? Don’t you think this guy is over-doing it a little? Talk about beating a dead horse.

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