7 thoughts on “Chemtrail Pilot Writes “Last Chance” with his Jet above NYC

  1. Now that pilot must have money to burn, but I like what he did. Nice post #1. Think he still has a job? I hope so and I hope that he keep on doing his messages. 🙂 Yep nice one #!

  2. Last Chance???? For what? To get out of New York before “they” allow a nuke to drop on the East Coast? Schizen … get out of New York or for that matter the whole Eastern Seaboard! May be a false flag coming!!!

    . . .

  3. wow scary! This for hire skywriter was paid to write a lovers message in the sky! Oh, the conspiracy!…

    1. Hey #1, is one of the boys in “the big club” sending a message to Bloomberg? Dammit, I’ll remove my “tin foil hat” awaiting your response.

  4. If you listen carefully to the video, you can hear the prop and its doppler shift going up and down as it goes to and fro. It ain’t no jet.
    It’s probably a Maule, they are cheap and maneuverable, and popular for skywriting.

  5. Could anyone determine what type of a plane wrote this message (E.g. Cessna or biplane?). Regardless of the altitude this plane was flying at, it would be unlikely that it was a chemtrail tanker aircraft because it wouldn’t be agile enough to script this message. I agree with SamAdams; it’s a “Last Chance” lover’s ultimatum.

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