Manhunt for gunman in deadly ZombiCon shooting in Florida

Fox News

Authorities in Florida are searching for the gunman who opened fire Saturday night at an annual event called ZombiCon, killing one and injuring four.

Lt. Victor Medico of the Fort Myers Police Department said the shootings began at 11:45 p.m., The News-Press reported. Medico said the four people that were injured are being treated at a hospital for non-life threatening injuries.  

A Fort Myers Police Department spokesperson told WFTX that around 20,000 people packed the downtown area of the city for the event.

A statement on the ZombiCon Facebook page said organizers were saddened by the news and the group takes the safety of its patrons very seriously.

Police officers barricaded an area and told people that downtown was closed.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

3 thoughts on “Manhunt for gunman in deadly ZombiCon shooting in Florida

  1. I’m thinking that maybe the FBI has changed the nature of their gun control false flags so they’re not so easily detected as the culprits.

    They keep getting caught with the Sandy Hook type of spectacular mass-shooting event because they leave too many loose ends behind, but if they change their tactics to mimic the gang-banger type of “drive-by” shooting (or the highway sniper type of operation) they won’t be found out so easily.

    Since they keep getting caught, I”m going to guess that there will be a lot more little shootings at public gatherings rather than the big shootings that take out a lot of people. We could be looking at the emergence of a new false-flag strategy.

  2. I wonder how long the gunman was shooting without being challenged by armed security or armed citizens? He must have fired and fled quickly. Motive? More gun control.

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