Manhunt for Pennsylvania ambush suspect closes in on abandoned hotel

Law enforcement personnel continue their search for Eric Frein.The Guardian

Authorities pursuing a survivalist accused of the fatal ambush at a state police barracks in Pennsylvania are looking for him in an abandoned hotel in the Pocono Mountains.

A state police spokesman says trackers were sent Friday morning to the Buck Hill Inn, close to the main search area in Barrett Township.

Trooper Tom Kelly says 31-year-old Eric Frein (freen) was known to visit the hotel when it was open. The 400-room hotel, built more than a century ago, has been closed since 1991.  

Frein is accused of opening fire two weeks ago outside the Blooming Grove barracks in northeastern Pennsylvania, killing one trooper and injuring a second. He’s eluded a massive manhunt that includes hundreds of law enforcement officials.

Police plan to give an update on the search later Friday.

23 thoughts on “Manhunt for Pennsylvania ambush suspect closes in on abandoned hotel

  1. Wow! First in the woods and now in an abandon hotel.

    Anyone else think this is straight out of a Scooby Doo episode?

    Maybe when they catch him, they’ll peel off his face mask and we’ll find out who he really is. 😉

    “It was old man Withers!” 😯

  2. anything from AP, Guardian etc are not to be even taken seriously whatsoever. And I am being nice. Actually the truth is, they lie all the time.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I heard too. Love triangles never end well!! Supposedly one of the officers was having an affair with the suspects lady. :/

        1. And “General Hospital” will be packed to the rafters, after we start killing (some will undoubtedly be wounded – temporarily) communists.

  3. So the whole thing is a personal vendeta brought on by police miscoduct. Fine example the police are setting for the public. But we never expect better of them. Just proves they can not keep there gun in there pants. And now the tax payer need pay millions for a cops afair. They are not worth it to have when you add in the hidden cost of haveing them as I am a cop. I am to be respected boys and girls. Millions wasted so a cop can have some on the side. What a show and tell this is.

      1. I think they have to handle this just like Dorner.
        I don’t think they want him telling the whole story.

        I started looking around and the cop shot in the pelvis and the shooter’s brother were neighbors who didn’t get along, add in the affair and it was a bad situation. The father of the shooter said his son never misses. There is speculation the pelvis shot was on purpose.

        It seems unreasonable to shoot someone for cheating on a family member. Certainly possible but not likely. I would guess there is more to the story than just cheating.( Opinion only )

        The attorney raising a stink about how the police are handling this situation appears to be doing good work. If you want a good guy in this situation.

        1. “The attorney raising a stink about how the police are handling this situation appears to be doing good work. If you want a good guy in this situation.”

          No one whose first loyalty is to the BAR Association could ever be a “good guy” in my book.

          As for the rest, very likely.

  4. They are terrorizing an entire rural area making lots of enemies in the puplic. This guy prodded the TYRANT to act like one in the open so now EVERYONE can see them for what they are. They just stepped all over their own foreskins and got them caught in the barbed wire with what they are doing now. He is just one man and look what he has just made them do. They are running around pushing people around, terrifying them, and pissing them all off, and they are LOOSING. It matters not anymore if they capture or kill the guy or not. They already LOST!!! Can you image if they were facing say a 5 fire teams of real Men American Nationals who knew what they were about? With fed help and all the best equipment (that’s a laugh) they can’t get ONE MAN.

    The message the Pennsylvania state Police is delivering to the public along with their Fed-Criminal masters is a blatant and resounding ” Hay Americans! We are the following:

    Foreign Occupiers

    I say it again folks. We are going to win and win big. If this is what we are up against. Hummmm!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!

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