5 thoughts on “Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is the “Premier Who Stole Christmas”

  1. Can any act of activism be authentic if it is done wearing a mask? No, I don’t think so, ’cause the message of compliance comes through loud and clear. I’m all for exposing WalMart attempting to execute unlawful orders, and for exposing the gov telling us what we can or cannot buy, but here comes compromise again, in a mask, a frikkin’ mask!! And this from an outlet that calls itself “Rebel News.” Please!!!!!!!!

    On a side note… Shame!! There is not one store where I live where I can shop without a mask. Anyone else dealing with this in their area? God, if only we didn’t have to eat.


    1. Signs in most all stores here in my county but I ignore them. I walk in and go about my business. So far no one has said a word.

  2. January 12, 2020

    Dear Galen:
    Living in what I call Northern New Hampshire 70-80 miles from the Canada Border.
    I do realize I am probably different than other parts of the Country. Most stores here require a mask.
    I have found small stores that don’t require a mask that is where I shop. May pay a little more I don’t care. I will not support any box store. While I take this position I do feel for the employees. Always remember box stores are own and control by billionaires, they don’t care about us. I have woke up to the fact no more corner pharmacies all taken over by box stores or corporations dominating the Country. Went to Wal-Mart the other day to pick up a prescription. I was met by a greeter who was very pleasant and offered a mask. I said no thank you and went on my way. The other products taken over are white metal (home appliances). I shop at Tractor Supply they have a sign but do not enforce it. Tractor supply has two employees that can’t do enough for you. They make you feel comfortable. Buy all my gasoline at stores where I can pay cash. I pay cash for everything except on line I have fallen into the on line commerce trap.

    There have been a few police chiefs that have publicly commented on the mask issue. Comments totally disregard for Oath of Office and our Bill of Rights.

    I feel there is finally a pushback on the mask issue. One supermarket all the cashiers are complaining headaches, dizziness, fatigue etc.

    A face mask is a breathing device must be OHSA approved. Most face mask are not sanitary taken out of a box and probably made in China good luck with that???

    Talk about impeaching our governor over his unlawful mandates. Time will tell.

    1. Thank you, Harry. I certainly wish I had such small stores that don’t require masks. Every single one here says, “No mask, no entry.” I shop only when absolutely necessary. It’s all gonna bust open soon. Life was already hard before all this scamdemic started. Now some days it’s almost unbearable. i guess this is a down day. (sad face)


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