How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

Published on Aug 8, 2017 by Jimmy Kimmel Live

According to a new poll (taken before Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ threat) 75% of Americans believe that North Korea’s nuclear program is a ‘critical threat’ to the U.S. This made Jimmy wonder how many Americans even know where North Korea is so we went out to Hollywood Boulevard to find out.


11 thoughts on “How Many Americans Know Where North Korea Is?

  1. Cobert is hilarious.

    And don’t say they’re gatekeepers. I know.

    They’re still funny. You have to discard the propagana, and enjoy the truth & comedy Henry.

    Don’t ban me, bro!!! Don’t TAZE me bro!!!

    btw…how come no one’s commenting ? When I used to come here, people commented a lot.

  2. 75% of the approximately 16% of the idiots that voted Trump is not saying anything.
    At first glance one would think 75% of the population, that is, if you don’t actually know how many actually voted.

    Who even cares if people know where N. Korea is anyway? Or any other country for that matter. They once again have to make Americans look stupid because they don’t know where some country is. This global economy, one world bull propaganda is the only reason we “should” know where another country is. Always trying to get us to look over the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans to some “bad dudes.” No. There’s plenty right here and I’m looking no further than this.

  3. What’s funnier is that most people on North Korea probably don’t even know where the US is. So who’s worse? I don’t know.

    One country is forced to be stupid, while the other country is stupid by choice.

    You figure out which is which. Lol

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