Marijuana growers wrestle with cannabis’ high-tech, industrial future


You’d have thought marijuana legalization would have made life easier for pot growers in areas like Northern California with decades of expertise.

Instead, cannabis cultivators are grappling with industrialization issues as production that once was hidden in closets and deep forests becomes just another part of American agribusiness.  

Some growers will continue tending plants by hand and try to preserve natural traditions for a boutique marijuana market. But for the mainstream, the future lies with technologies like genetic testing, robotic harvesting, crop data analysis and even yeast-based manufacturing, said experts at the New West Summit marijuana conference in Oakland.

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2 thoughts on “Marijuana growers wrestle with cannabis’ high-tech, industrial future

  1. Like beef and beer, small and local growers will thrive in this case….as long as they pay the extortion money to the government. People will always want an alternative to corporate farm products.

    1. Hi bud,

      Next we are going to hear that they are going to start putting dead baby fetus tissue in the mix so it will smoke and taste better. When you get big brother involved, nasty shit starts to happen. Yep, you heard me right, dead fetus tissue in many of our products, been going on for many years.

      Sorry if I ruined your day, LOL

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