Marines to load new prepositioning gear into Norway caves

LAVs on the CoastMarine Corps Times – by Hope Hodge Seck

Climate-controlled caves in Norway will house a new stock of Marine military gear and vehicles in August, and Marines will return unusable equipment to the U.S.

The caves are part of the Marine Corps’ global prepositioning program. Marines and Norwegian troops will unload a maritime prepositioning force ship, the cargo ship Dewayne T. Williams, in Norway’s Trøndelag region in mid-August, according to an Aug. 8 news release. Once the cave is clear, they’ll load some 400 vehicles and 350 containers of equipment.  

Among the vehicles to be added to the stockpile at the caves are M1A1 main battle tanks, tank retrievers, armored breaching vehicles, amphibious assault vehicles, expanded capacity vehicle gun trucks, and a few variants of 7½ ton trucks, according to the release.

Marines and Norwegians open caves to test Marine CNorth Carolina-based Marines moved equipment out of the caves in February for the first time in decades for use during Exercise Cold Response 2014, a massive multinational training endeavor. That equipment, some 3,000 pieces, was returned following the exercise, a Marine Corps spokesman said at the time.

Maj. Lauren Schulz, a spokeswoman for Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, said Marines from Blount Island Command. Florida, and 2nd Marine Logistics Group from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, will conduct the offload and equipment modernization effort, with support from members of Marine Forces Europe and Africa.

As the new equipment is added, some of the older gear will head back to the states, Schulz said.

“As part of [Marine Corps Prepositioning Program-Norway], equipment will be offloaded and stored inside Norwegian caves while other equipment is loaded onto the ship to be returned to Blount Island in order to be retrograded,” she said.

The operation will give Marines and Norwegian allies a chance to test a newly constructed pier in the region as they complete the offload.

“This routine equipment refresh also emphasizes the strong military bond between the U.S. and our Norwegian counterparts, and sustains an already solid foundation for our future cooperation,” the release states.

8 thoughts on “Marines to load new prepositioning gear into Norway caves

  1. Wow! Didn’t know we even had a base/cave in Norway. I guess they must be using it in case the Russia situation escalates any further. Just one of the many U.S. military bases on foreign soil posing a threat to other countries and humanity under the guise of security and which needs to be dismantled ASAP!

    Now imagine if Russia, China or some other country setup a military base here in our country. There would be an uproar. Absolutely disgusting.

  2. Norway does seem like a strange place for the U.S. to store military gear. Who would it be used against? Russia is the only sensible answer, and that’s a long drive by tank.
    Unless Obama finds some reason to attack Finland, I don’t see any sense in storing 400 vehicles in a cave in Norway. It sounds absurd.

    It’s probably unrelated, but also stored in a climate controlled vault in Norway is a seed bank that holds seeds for every variety of plant presently known. Maybe they’re stockpiling stuff for a post-nuclear armageddon ‘continuity of power’ strategy. Why not? We’re paying for it, so spending it doesn’t have to make sense.

    1. Correction, they have no idea of every species of plant life on this planet… No f#@king idea! Not even remotely an idea. Not even a friggin clue! They can’t even name all the animals, much less the plants.

  3. ask yourself…. why was there so many ancient civilizations with underground cities. and also ask why there is ancient ruins where the rocks that they was made out of are vitrified.. takes over 2,000*F – 3,000*F to vitrify rock..

    this would probably explain why everything is being moved underground.. seed vaults.. DNA storage.. underground bases… underground equipment storage…

    they know something and they are not telling us…

    but the real kicker is that they are in the process of sealing off all the caves and underground mine shafts around these parts to keep people out of them… apparently we are all supposed to die…

    but the only thing where they would need to store this stuff underground would be A:nukes flying. B:meteor/comet strike. C:solar flare that cooks the planet like a tater.. this could be possible because the ruins that are vitrified are not radioactive in any way…

    just think. what if everything happening now is a way to keep people occupied instead of focusing on the real threat.. that would be a hell of a note..

  4. The worry is not Russia. Russia’s population is crashing. They lost 50 million people since 1992. Their less than 100 million now and are approaching Germany’s population, and that is spread over a country with 11 time zones. If anything Russia will be a speed bump when china goes on the rampage. China wants the US, but they want Russia just as much or more. China has been pushing Russia around the last few years over territory, and Russia has actually backed down and ceded territory to china to avoid a war. That is fact. That’s happening.

    Russia has been bending over backwards to please the EU and the US in fact. They even bailed out the US puppet government in Bagdad Iraq. They had one of their generals killed in Syria by US backed Al CIA-DUH, and stood their and took it. They can’t fight a war. If anything they may be asking for our help at some point. Help from that bunch of yellow devils in China. Old adage that goes back centuries with Germans and Russians alike that says, ” Beware of the Yellow Danger!”. That is what is coming. China is coming for the world.

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