Mark Dice Arrested After Infowars Stunt

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‘Activist’ and comedian Mark Dice was arrested in San Diego, California after pretending to be a member of Barack Obama’s Civilian National Security Force and attempting to do warrantless searches upon students wearing black backpacks. Though this stunt by Mark started off well and quite humorous, it appears to have ended not too well in the end.  

Activist Mark Dice illustrated the absurd ease with which some Americans are willing to relinquish their 4th amendment rights by performing mock ‘Obama National Civilian Security Force’ bag searches on students at San Diego State University.

Despite the fact that Dice is not even wearing a uniform of any kind, several of the individuals shown in the clip willingly consent to have their bag searched by a random stranger simply as a result of Dice mentioning the words “Boston bombings”.

“The 4th amendment is so last year,” remarks Dice as he subjects another student to a bag search.

Arrest Video:

6 thoughts on “Mark Dice Arrested After Infowars Stunt

  1. just ask for a pressure cooker at a yard sale or at the store and see what happens. thats how absurd things have gotten.

  2. I don’t know whether to love this guy and hate this guy. He presents things in such an absurd manner and gets away with it, as you can see from these videos and he shows how low and pathetic many Americans have become now, yet he works with Alex Jones which makes him a psy-op in my book at the highest levels.

  3. Anyone who expects to find intelligent life on a college campus should have their head examined.

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