7 thoughts on “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on resistance to mask mandates

  1. Do anyone hear this fool . He is spewing this treason . Everything he said we do have a right to as long as we dont harm anyone or their property.

    1. Yeah but because they have been getting away with this for so long and people have not resisted saying there’s no way you can make me wear a seatbelt and I do not have to buy car insurance ,they got away with that so now they’re going to try to get away with this covid lie

  2. This treasonous piece of shit doesn’t realize that he has no authority to issue unconstitutional orders, which his mask mandate is definitely unconstitutional. I wonder if he has ever researched what happens to those found guilty of treason?

  3. Absolutely Treason. But not for their corporation. he is talking to slaves (subjects) not Americans.

    His words will hang him. They are naked now, such balls, such arrogance to think they are safe and can speak outright naked treason, speaking to the goy he thinks.

    The lists are growing exponentially now as they uncloak.

    All I can say is, keep it up, keep moving forward and then pull the next level of your little NWO plans, cause we don’t give a shit what you do, it all ends the same way, total rebellion, total war.

    Guys like this better hope they let him into their bunkers.

  4. I was just in Target earlier and I overheard this customer complain to his wife about having to wear a stupid mask. He said, “Man, I’m getting so sick of wearing this stupid mask. People are touching shit all day in this place with their hands, so how is a mask supposed to prevent me from getting sick? It’s stupid.”

    I’m so glad there’s still normal people out there that are getting more and more pissed at this crap everyday.

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