2 thoughts on “Massachusetts Also Wants To Make Questioning Holocaust A Hate Crime

  1. Growing more brash. Certainly a sign of Communism escalating. Now all it takes is a “proclamation!!” Sounds like “The Divine Right of Kings.”

    State-by-state, they’re bowing down. Individual-by-individual we’re rising up.


  2. I’ve heard “JEWS” that seem to get it talk about their own sceptisizm about that whole NAZI Holocost. I’ve heard even some of them talk about the Jewish communist holocost against Christian Russians by the 10s of millions. Then even they get attacked by everyone. If something is provably true it would not get attacked so vissiously, and they might would be willing to look at the data. Any engineer worth his salt will question everything and trust nothing. Can’t afford to. So why do Jewish leaders don’t welcome questions and are so affraid of the data? Why? Thier behavior makes us question them and their motives.

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