Massachusetts State trooper assaults a man trying to record a car accident

Published on Jul 1, 2014 by chzbizman

WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR 1ST First Amendment rights
YOU BE THE JUDGE read below **********************************
this incident took place at around 4pm on june 30th 2014.
my friend johnny was going home from a day at the lake with his wife and kids when he came across a car accident. he was the passenger in the car and decided to pull out his cell phone and record what had happened. his wife never stopped and continued through the accident scene slowly while johnny started recording. at the point they approached the accident scene a state trooper reached inside his vehicle and tried to grab his cell phone. words were exchanged and they continued on.
the point is when will certain law enforcement stop abusing their power and try to restrict our 1st american right.
photography is not a crime. thank you

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts State trooper assaults a man trying to record a car accident

  1. Go back to eating your jelly donuts, you dumbass. You couldn’t even handle a car accident, let alone two guys driving by in a car.

  2. its like this, can’t have the plebs documenting evidence to the contrary so video recording is frowned upon in all instances.

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