Mayor of NYC: my job is to defend Israel

John Friend

The headline from the Israeli daily Haaretz says it all:

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio gave a heartfelt speech praising Israel at a private gala event hosted by AIPAC at the Hilton hotel in midtown Manhattan Thursday night, the local website Capital New York reported.

According to an edited audio recording obtained by the site (below), de Blasio said that “part of his job description is to defend Israel” and that it is “elemental to being an American, because there is no greater ally on earth, and that’s something we can say proudly.”

The Israel lobby’s event was closed to journalists and the speech did not appear on the mayor’s public schedule, arousing suspicion and making the event all the more intriguing. A reporter with Capital who tried to get into the event was escorted out by security.

De Blasio said in his speech that he had visited Israel three times, most recently with his wife and son, and that he was especially moved by visiting Sderot, on the border with the Gaza Strip and often the target of rocket attacks.

“You can’t have an experience like that and not feel solidarity with the people of Israel and know that they’re on the front line of fighting against so many challenges.”

He closed the speech by announcing that “City Hall will always be open to AIPAC,” adding that it is his job to stand by the lobby in Washington.

I really do not even know what to say anymore folks. The United States, for all intents and purposes, is a complete slave to organized Jewish interests and the Jewish state of Israel. How much more obvious does it have to get?

Could you imagine if Mayor de Blasio declared: “City Hall will always be open to the Muslims.” Or if he stated that part of his job description is to defend China? Could you imagine the outrage?

The entire political establishment in America, particularly at the federal level, is totally subservient to international Jewry, and major elected leaders, such as New York mayor Bill de Blasio, regularly profess loyalty and allegiance to a foreign entity. Virtually all of our elected officials and representatives, especially those at the highest of levels, are traitors to the United States of America – and openly so.

These people deserve to be hanged from the nearest lamp post.

7 thoughts on “Mayor of NYC: my job is to defend Israel

  1. Sorry Mayor your job is to defend the Constitution and all valid laws. That is it.
    Israel can defend itself, we made sure of that with the billions of dollars, the many weapons and the fact they have nuclear bombs. Get a life.

    1. Susan, I wish we could sue Israel to get our billions back but even that might be a bit much to ask a scumbag jew lawyer to do! Maybe the only they wouldn’t do for money? 🙂

  2. The yamulkah addorned bootlicker swearing his allegiance to the world terror by his token touch of the whining wall. How very PC….

    An easy way to identify additions to the traitor list. Actions speak louder than words, eh Rand and Cruz?

  3. He’s definitely a Zionist traitor, but as the mayor of NYC, he’s juggling a bigger problem: There are more Jews in NYC than there are in Israel, they own most of the real estate there, and hold most of the money and power, so being mayor of NYC instantly requires that one be a servant of Israel to some extent.

    NYC is more a part of Israel than it is the U.S.A.

    I’m not supporting that condition, but just stating that it is the case right now.

  4. SOP. Even Rand Paul showed some level of subservience to Israel. Folks, this isn’t going to change until the vast majority–I’m talking about 90 percent here–FORCE these scalliwags to stop their subservience to Israel. Only way that happens is either if Israel no longer has use for the US (which is beginning to happen now) or if Christ returns and tells the Synagogue of Satan to take a hike, and bring the Talmud with you!

  5. Hence how he was elected. They wouldnt want a new comer unsealing 9-11 documents showing how israhell attacked the US.

    This may be the most truth he ever tells.

  6. Couldn’t he better defend Israhell over THERE, with a gun, to fight off the teeming Muslim hordes that are so desperately trying to invade the poor so-called ‘jews’ land that they stole from those ‘evil’ Palestinians?

    I think he’d make a fine Israhell toadie…, I mean….. soldier.

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