Medical facilities are killing non-terminally ill patients by withholding food & water

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn

The following is a June 6 email from Life Legal Defense Foundation:

Life Legal received two distressing phone calls on Sunday.

One was from the niece of an elderly woman who is in the hospital following an injury. The woman has slight dementia, but is able to communicate. The hospital decided it would no longer treat her, as care was “futile” because of the woman’s dementia.The woman’s niece tried to get a court order to keep her aunt alive, but the judge refused—and slandered the niece’s Catholic faith in the process. Yesterday, the hospital withdrew food and hydration from the woman.

Did you know that dementia is considered a terminal illness? And that food and hydration are considered “medical care” that can be withdrawn if a physician believes your condition won’t improve over time? In this case, the woman’s dementia is not severe—she still recognizes her niece and the hospital staff—yet because it will likely not get better, her doctors sentenced her to an agonizing death.

The second call was from the boyfriend of a 30-year-old woman who suffered a brain injury after she went into cardiac arrest. She is in a hospice facility that has not given her any nutrition for over a week. A few days ago, she started talking! She said that she is hungry and is asking for food. She is able to pull herself up and move her legs. She sings along to her favorite songs. Yet, the hospice refuses to feed her and is now giving her morphine because she tried to get out of bed.

We have calls out to local attorneys to help this young woman. Please pray that someone will be able to intervene tomorrow!

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9 thoughts on “Medical facilities are killing non-terminally ill patients by withholding food & water

  1. Wow. I’m flabbergasted but not surprised by reading this. One should read the book Sugar Blues to understand the root of the AMA system. It is evil at it’s root. It’s beginning. Starvation and deprivation of water is torture in the extreme. But, of course this same system which is tied into the Court system which is a Star Chamber type of operation/corporation. These people ruling it, love their system because their motive is to kill, steal (by ordering knowing unneeded tests like blood works, radiation transmitting/damaging Cat Scans, X Rays, and other such examinations that aren’t healthy and do do damage. I could go on. Like our politicians,Court system participants (clerks, judges, bailiffs, etc. the AMA system for the most part need to be put on trial for it’s money making death cult operation. It is merciless.

    1. Amen! You are 100% right. A patient has the right to check out of the hospital, and if hospital staff try to prevent it, it is considered kidnapping according to the law.

  2. I think many of us agree that food and beverages ARE medicine, which to me makes this situation worse. Anyone that calls themselves ‘doctor’ and withholds these things should lose the right to call themselves that.

    Also, I actually have early symptoms of dementia… so this bothers me more than I can properly describe at the moment.

    1. Reference …early symptoms of dementia…..

      One of the causes of dementia is thought to be aluminium in the brain.
      Aluminium is found in a number of sources, vaccines and chemtrails being two of them.
      Current research is advocating …Silica rich mineral water… an effective treatment for alzheimers.

      Vaccine Safety – Remove aluminium by drinking Spritzer!

      If you Google ….Dr Chris Exley silica rich mineral water……you will find many sites giving information on this treatment.

  3. Just more proof this society is getting more and more evil every day…who knows? Maybe these “medical personnel” grew up worshiping Marilyn Manson, a Satanist who craves death and destruction.

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