9 thoughts on “Cellphone Video Captures Terrifying Moment in Oregon Museum

  1. “Authorities said Nicholas Berger took museum worker Amanda Berry hostage and threatened her life.”

    That’s all I was able to pull up from the yahoo article. I’ll keep hunting. : )

        1. Thanks Deb, but I don’t fish on the weekends. That’s when those who work during the week show up, so I wait till they’re back to work. Same thing with shooting.

          Being retired does have its advantages. 🙂

  2. When ya tip big folks like that over, it hurts them, and that is a good thing…
    Folks here in the USSA are becoming complacent! And that’s a bad thing…
    I aint one of them complainant type, and wishing I could of been there!!!

    I’d go to jail for that every time

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