13 thoughts on “Meet Batman

    1. Batman chose my friend by coming up to her and letting her touch him, my friend wanted a mare but decided if the horse chose her it was meant to be.
      The horse is rather tame, turns out we didn’t need the 6ft high fence after all.

      1. 😀
        Perfect. He chose her. She’s right. It was meant to be. 😀 😀 😀
        I was taught the history and about Mustangs as a very young child. They are great horses.
        Cuddos to her for saving him. What BLM is doing is despicable.
        Tame him as a “Horse Whisperer” and he will be her friend for life.

        Has your friend ever seen “Hidalgo”? If she hasn’t, she would enjoy seeing the old legend. I would like to think that his dissidents are still free in OK but, I highly doubt it. 🙁

  1. Frank Face, I’m posting this for your friend to see. There are bits and pieces of the training that I hope she will find helpful. 🙂 <3

    1. I’ll send it along, this is her 5th mustang, also she had to shoot her 7 month old golden retriever puppy this same day, it caught parvo even though it was vaccinated, she is quite pissed about the vaccine not working and upset about having to shoot him.

    2. This is what she wrote when I sent her the link “It’s a great movie, I’m friends with the lady from queen creek”.

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