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Lookout Mountain

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3 Responses to Lookout Mountain

  1. Clarioncaller says:

    Great song. I was channeling Gordon Lightfoot while listening.

    • RT Hawk says:

      Hear you Clarioncaller! had to listen. Whitefish Pointe has a feel to it!
      TY GrayRider! have seen some places in TN that could call home and be beneficial. Thank you for the song, saving!
      In the work I do, ( I learn all the time from clients=real history!) learned some real history from person took care of born around 1907? She was a True TN’esean! Wow! To hear Real history from those that lived then! From how they lived, how their father moved them around to avoid issues (Though she had affects of polio, how her Mom nursed her through it) to her brother going off to war and how letters were mangled, and then on to where she lived on Lookout Mountain, and on. And! On being proper! A screened in back porch IS A LANAI! Don’t EVER say patio or porch!!!! lol! <3
      Oh! and I wasn’t going to tell this, but….back in those days (According to client) kkk didn’t wear white cloaks or cover their faces, business’ closed down on days there were parades, all/most the kkk people were business owners and they all knew each other. Anywho, for whatever it is worth? She and all my other clients blessed be & TY for sharing what is not known to most, now-a-days….TY<3
      From this lady to one of the first bomber pilots to gangster affiliated, lot’s O history…..

      • RT Hawk says:

        Well actually lot’s of stuff between and to each other client, lost edit time. Thankful & great full for their experiences, knowledge and enlightening me <3

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